On September 6, the national technology standard innovation base (smart grid) led by State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) successfully passed the review and acceptance organized by the State Administration of market supervision (State Standardization Management Committee).

The national technology standard innovation base (smart grid) was approved by the National Standardization Management Committee in July 2017, organized by China Federation of electric power enterprises and undertaken by the company. In the past two years, the innovation base has closely focused on the overall goal of “building a platform, realizing two breakthroughs, playing three roles, and promoting four innovations”, built a national technology standard innovation platform based on the collaboration of scientific research industry, and formed a relatively complete standardized service capability for the government, society, and enterprises.

Smart grid of national technology standard innovation base has passed the review and acceptance of National Standardization Management Committee

Centering on the development of smart grid, the innovation base has promoted the development of 243 national and industrial standards, and set up 659 projects; It initiated the establishment of nine group standardization organizations, including the China electricity Union Energy Internet, and formulated more than 200 standards of important groups in relevant fields; One belt, one road, one is to grasp the international standardization trend in smart grid area, the 52 is to lead the project and to set up the IEC standard. The project committee of IEC PC127 “low voltage auxiliary system of power station” was launched to promote the popularization and application of 381 China standards in the “one belt and one road” countries. To build a “three in one” operation mechanism of transforming scientific and technological achievements into technical standards and effectively supporting industrial development with standards, as well as a standard verification and standard implementation feedback mechanism; Establish the standard science popularization education center, school enterprise joint science popularization education practice base, carry out standardized science popularization education and standardized personnel training at all levels, and promote more than 10 experts to hold relevant positions in IEC, IEEE and other international standardization organizations; Undertake the pilot demonstration work of national “xiong’an New Area Energy Internet standardization pilot” and initially form the nqi system of smart grid. The innovation base will provide platform support for the implementation of the company’s “three types, two networks, world-class” strategy.

Relevant leaders of the State Administration of market supervision, as well as review experts from the national standards and Technology Review Center, China Institute of standardization, China machinery productivity promotion center, Sichuan provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau and Jiangsu provincial standardization association, highly evaluated the preparation work of the innovation base and put forward corresponding suggestions.

Representatives from China Federation of electric power enterprises, Ministry of science and technology and International Department of State Grid, China Academy of electric power, joint research institute, Sichuan electric power of State Grid, and member units of innovation base, China Xidian group, Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., North China Electric Power University and Institute of mechanical industry and instrumentation, attended the acceptance meeting.

Source: State Grid news   

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