Recently, CCID consultant released the 2019-2020 Research Report on the development of China’s smart city industry. The report shows that Inspur has successfully entered the leader quadrant in the fields of smart city cloud computing, big data and smart application, and comprehensively led the smart city.

CCID pointed out in the report that the upstream and downstream of the smart city industrial chain include RFID and other chip manufacturers, sensor and Internet of things terminal manufacturers, telecom network equipment and it equipment providers, terminal application software developers, system integrators, smart city related business operators and top-level planning service providers. Smart city has become a key track for many high-tech enterprises. Among them, with its comprehensive strength in the fields of cloud computing, big data and smart city, Inspur ranks among the leaders in three dimensions, and has become a real leader in the field of smart city.

Cloud service operation to create new information infrastructure

In the field of cloud computing in smart cities, Inspur has built a new information infrastructure through the operation of cloud services. Based on the platform, Inspur has coordinated technical support such as safe and reliable, high-performance computing, big data and artificial intelligence, formed a cloud methodology for business and coordinated resource operation with IAAs, PAAS, DAAS and SaaS services as the core. Inspur cloud has been deeply applied in 29 provinces, 118 prefectures and cities (including 17 provincial capitals and sub provincial cities) and more than 800 districts and counties in China, helping governments at all levels to carry out the work of releasing management services, providing professional services for 510 million people and 11 million legal entities. Inspur government cloud has ranked first in market share for six consecutive years, and the competitiveness of smart city cloud computing continues to rise.

Big data operation, driving digital industrialization and industrial digitization

In the field of smart city big data, Inspur drives digital industrialization and industrial digitization through the operation of big data, provides full chain services of data storage and calculation, exchange and sharing, convergence governance and open operation, realizes the docking of data supply and demand, business model optimization, and comprehensively releases the value of data. Inspur actively participated in the planning and construction of the national data open platform, established a big data platform for more than 100 provincial and municipal governments across the country, and realized the sharing of data; It provides data opening services for Ningxia, Guangxi, Chongqing and other provinces and cities, and combs more than 20000 government data directories. New Internet applications such as and yidaitong, which Inspur strives to build, are the innovative achievements of government authorized data operation. Love city network has covered more than 400 cities in China. One loan link has realized the “101” loan mode (1 minute application, 0 manual intervention and 1 second arrival), with a cumulative financing loan of more than 10 billion. The health care big data industry development model created by Inspur in Shandong has become a new Internet business model for the development of “cloud + number + AI”.

Scenario operation, innovating new modes of urban management and service

In the field of smart applications, new models of urban management and services are innovated through the operation of smart scenes. Among them, with its eye-catching performance in recent years, Inspur City brain has been shortlisted as a typical case in the field of industrial intelligence application of China’s smart city. The report puts forward that the development of smart city needs a stronger “brain” of urban construction, breaks the data island and administrative estrangement between traditional departments, realizes the sharing of government information resources and business collaboration, and enables the people to enjoy the convenient services of “one window acceptance, integrated service”, “one network application, express delivery”, “No. 1 consultation and interaction”. Inspur has built an “urban brain” – smart city operation and Management Center for more than 10 cities such as Chongqing, Jinan and Panzhihua, facing “one network unified management”, giving play to the “central” role of urban governance, fully aggregating, superimposing, analyzing and deeply utilizing urban governance data such as public management, emergency command and urban management, so as to improve the efficiency of urban event handling, Form the ability of cross departmental coordination and command, and realize “one network management of the whole city, one screen view of the world, one brain twin and one key full dispatching”.

For the future development trend of smart city, CCID believes that developing digital economy and promoting the construction of new smart city has become a strategic choice for modern cities to actively adapt to and lead the new normal of economic development, reshape new advantages of urban development and seize the commanding height of competition. As a new smart city operator and leader, Inspur will rely on its strong ability of cloud + number + AI to solve the problems of urban governance, public services and industrial development, and continue to lead the new smart city track under the new infrastructure.

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