Electronic Enthusiasts Network reported (text / Huang Shanming) With the rapid development of smart homes, many smart products have undergone new changes. With the penetration rate still at a low level, many manufacturers now realize that consumers not only need large-scale smart homes, but also products that allow them to experience smart homes at a lower cost. Smart cat eye is this product kind.

Smart security has become an indispensable part of smart homes. Generally speaking, smart door locks are the first line of defense for smart homes, but now, with the emergence of smart cat eyes, the first line of defense has quietly changed.

Source: Xiaomi

The smart cat's eye is usually composed of a zinc alloy cat head and a screen. It is installed inside and outside the cat's eye position of the anti-theft alarm door, replacing the traditional unit access control and ordinary virtual cat's eyes. And compared with the price of thousands of yuan for smart door locks, most of the smart cat's eyes only need a few hundred yuan.

In the current market, the stock houses occupy the vast majority, and in many old communities, the traditional optical cat's eye on the entrance door basically loses its function. At this point, to know who the visitor is, there needs to be a new way.

If you want to install a smart door lock with a camera, it is not only expensive, but also a little cumbersome to install, and also requires certain wiring. However, the smart cat eye can solve this problem. It is easy to install and has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The battery life is usually 3-6 months without additional wiring.

Functionally, the smart cat's eye can realize intelligent functions such as visitor management. By accessing the cloud platform, visitors can make remote video calls with users, which not only solves the problem of host-guest communication in indoor unmanned scenarios, but also communicates with visitors when users are temporarily unable to open the door immediately.

The specific operation is that when a visitor comes, the smart cat's eye will remind it on the APP on the user's mobile phone. Users can communicate with visitors directly in the form of video conversations, which not only guarantees security, but also avoids many unnecessary exchanges.

At present, many smart cat's eyes are connected to the cloud platform through Wi-Fi, and can even use AI algorithm technology to accurately classify and identify strangers or acquaintances in the scene in front of the door, and provide remote monitoring and reminder services.

Under the daily working conditions of the product, it is basically in a low-power sleep mode, and users can wake up the cat's eye by means of PIR detection, ringing the doorbell, etc. And many smart cat eye products have built-in LED infrared sensors, which can clearly see the outside world even in low light environments.

And after adopting the smart cat's eye, the surveillance camera at home can be handed over to the smart cat's eye to be responsible for guarding the first line of defense of the family. For monitoring at home, a millimeter-wave radar detector can be used, which can not only ensure effective monitoring of the situation at home, but also eliminate the problem of user privacy leakage to the greatest extent.

According to IDC, a research institute, in smart homes, products ranging from door and window sensors to network cameras to smart cat eyes and smart door locks are expected to account for 19.4% of the smart home market by the end of 2022, becoming the second largest in 2022. category, with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 27.3%.

2020 is the first year of the development of cat eye technology in smart door locks. It is expected that in the next few years, cat eye technology will strengthen the integration with face recognition technology to improve product stability, experience and cost control.

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