With the increasingly personalized consumption needs of users and the continuous maturity of consumption ideas, they require a high degree of participation, pursue more emotion, social communication and self realization, and put forward higher requirements for product service and quality. On this basis, develop a people-oriented experience strategy, which can more macroscopically examine the overall service process, systematically examine the existing service methods from the perspective of customers, and bring out the requirements of customers in information, emotion and function. Just as Xie Jing, chairman of Shenzhen Yatu culture and technology group, said: by seizing the opportunity of experience economy and emotional economy, and based on Yatu’s more than ten years of accumulation of image technology, actively embrace the Internet, quickly cover emerging markets, and achieve the vision of becoming an international leading enterprise in the audio-visual field; With photoelectric digital technology, we will become a world-class enterprise group and become the “elegant map” of the world.

According to AVC data, the penetration rate of smart TV reached 57% in the third quarter of 2014, which is expected to increase to about 93% by 2020. Dong min, general manager of Aowei consulting black power division, stressed that “the core purpose of smart appliances is to ensure the safety of users, and on this basis, to provide convenient, comfortable, energy-saving and environmental friendly user experience to the greatest extent. Smart appliances will show four major trends in the future: complexity and simplicity, high-end and middle-end, closer to consumer habits, and technical intelligence and humanistic intelligence. “

In order to create a smart home life, Konka has been committed to being a color TV brand that understands users and the Internet best, and has built a powerful smart TV Internet platform with the strategy of “easy terminal + easy platform”. Yiui Yiyou professional TV control system innovated and developed by Konka has deeply expanded and customized TV functions, network communication, external storage and standard UI class library under the extreme thinking, simple thinking and user thinking of the Internet, and built its own middleware system based on Android bottom layer and application layer, The extended interface of yiui Yiyou professional TV control system is standardized, which solves the problem of unified application development interface, making user control easier and experience more wonderful.

Tongfang released Tongfang’s smart home product cloud can, which is the first one-stop smart home center in China and provides users with a home Internet Ecological platform for home entertainment, smart home management, financial services, residents’ education and life and information services. From cloud tank design to hardware implementation, we have cooperated with the world’s top suppliers to provide users with a better experience. For example, cooperate with mango Internet TV to provide strong entertainment content services, cooperate seamlessly with flextronix in product manufacturing, and provide CPU chips by AMLOGIC, the world’s top product solution provider.

People’s requirements for smart appliances are increasing day by day. Intelligence, cloud integration and human-computer interaction have become the development trend of the industry. High-end scientific and technological intelligent technology will bring new opportunities for the development of smart appliances and new experiences and lifestyles for users. In the process of users’ pursuit of high-definition and high-quality audio-visual enjoyment, it also brings new differentiation means to manufacturers. At present, digital TV all-in-one has increasingly become a common choice for watching high-definition programs, and has gradually been loved by consumers, and the video card has made great contributions. As Kong Baochun, vice president of Shenzhen Guowei Technology Co., Ltd., said at the forum, if you want to watch pleasant HD programs, installing cam video encryption card is a very recommended choice.

Smart home appliances have become the future development direction of the home appliance industry, and smart home appliances have increasingly become the demand products of consumers. When people need to constantly improve the level of productivity, the emergence of new technologies and new applications has become the general trend. Zhang Weihua, director of standard affairs of flash link information technology Engineering Center Co., Ltd., said that we should focus on people, realize the intelligent collaboration of people, equipment and services through extensive connection, establish a new business model of “terminal + service”, quickly and accurately complete the whole process of product development to delivery, and form an operation model for enterprises to support the new business model.

In the era of smart home, technology not only brings convenience to human home life, but also integrates the audio-visual system into the perfect enjoyment of life. Mao Rongcai, manager of intelligent business department of oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd., said: through the application of intelligent background audio-visual system, in any house, including living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, each room can hear wonderful background music through one or more sound sources. Each room can independently control the sound source and sound, without interference and stronger personalization, Meet the different needs of family members for music.

In the field of security, it is very important to have a forward-looking vision on how to take the lead in future development. Technology, as the core competitiveness among enterprises, affects the development trend of the whole industry. The “public security high score visual command solution version 2.0” launched by Weichuang this year has changed the traditional video monitoring application mode, formed an event centered monitoring system, and provided a strong guarantee for security work.


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