Whenever I wake up in the morning, it will send greetings to me for the first time. Whenever I go out, I ask him about the weather today. It accompanies me all the time, like the kindness of relatives. I like every song it recommends to me because it knows me very well. Every day’s news information is sent to me by it. A short broadcast can grasp what happened. It has become an indispensable part of my life, which is the “small degree at home” smart screen X8 speaker.

Some people say that speakers are used for listening, so it’s ok if the sound quality is good. But I think speakers are not only used for listening, but also for watching. The X8’s speakers at home smart screen have a 8 inch screen, which looks quite awesome. The screen is big enough and the functions are rich enough. Intelligent screen realizes AI intelligent interaction, AI intelligent understanding and content service.

AI intelligent interaction is not as simple as touch operation. It can sense what you are going to do in the next second with an action between fingers and a look between eyebrows. Voice interaction has become the basic voice control function of speakers, and the small X8 adds gesture control and eye wake-up skills. This makes an original static smart speaker, endowed with the perception of human’s every move, can be said to seize your heart.

Small smart speakers help open a new experience of Smart Life

It is said that company is the confession of long-term love, that is, love grows with time. I really want to chat when I’m bored, and I need someone to accompany when I’m lonely. All these needs can be met with a small degree of X8. If voice interaction is just a question and answer way, I really think it is in voice control, there is no more emotional interaction. So small degree X8 can achieve full duplex continuous dialogue, chat with the speaker can also talk about interesting topics.

The AI of the whole family is the warmth of the heart. If only young people can play with today’s technology digital products, Xiaodu X8 is absolutely a confidant of the whole family. Children can start face recognition and enter their fairy tale world. Here we can play while learning, cultivate children’s interests, and attract children’s attention through teaching in fun. The old people don’t need complicated and tedious operation. As long as they give an order, they can easily find the content they want to listen to and the video they want to watch. They don’t have to repel any more because they won’t use it.

It’s a good artifact to pursue drama and watch movies, think what you think and see what you see. With 8-inch flat screen, you can enjoy the visual feast of chasing drama and watching movies. You can see it more clearly and the content is richer. You no longer need to chase drama with a small screen mobile phone. There are all kinds of audio content. In my spare time, I listen to music to release pressure. Audio novels are full of fun and indulge in them. Film and television resources gather on major film and television platforms to enjoy a good time of family entertainment and a new experience of watching movies.

Smart home center console and Internet of things change smart home. With a voice command, you can touch the smart devices in your home, making your home fully intelligent. Small X8 can be connected to WiFi direct connection, Bluetooth mesh networking, simple pairing can realize the interactive experience of the device. The future smart home needs a center console to control, and the small X8 is a good choice. It can realize voice, large screen touch and mobile app multi-mode control, which is equivalent to the control center of smart home.

If the speaker can satisfy your auditory feeling, then the small degree X8 can bring you richer film and television resources, more intelligent operation experience, and intimate company, and make a smart speaker that understands you better.


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