On May 27th, it was reported that OMRON, SK Telecom and industrial automation solution provider of South Korea’s largest mobile operator, jointly developed a 5G epidemic prevention AI robot, which can be used for COVID-19 epidemic prevention.

Sk Telecom and OMRON of South Korea jointly developed 5g anti epidemic AI robot, which is suitable for all kinds of services in the contactless era

The robot is equipped with AI, 5g, robot automatic control and other cutting-edge technologies, such as robot autopilot and IOT sensing functions, which can also be used freely. In addition, it can exchange data with servers equipped with 5g network in real time, and can perform various tasks such as autopilot, temperature check and isolation.

The robot can spray disinfectant spray in every corner of the building, and use ultraviolet lamp (UV) to sterilize it. It can also help visitors to check their body temperature. In the process of patrolling, people who do not wear masks will be prompted to wear masks, disperse the crowd, and urge them to keep a safe social distance. At night, UV lamps can be used to disinfect when there are no visitors.

Sk Telecom’s big data analysis solution “Metatron” based on 5g technology has been applied to this robot. Metatron collects and analyzes the data of the main parts of the robot through sensors connected to the robot to check the current state of the robot and predict when it needs maintenance.

The robot will also monitor the temperature of people around it and check if they are wearing masks. If there are too many people around, the robot will ask people who don’t wear masks to do so and will use the face recognition technology developed by the telecom company.

Since the outbreak of New Coronavirus, SK Telecom has decided to adopt telecommuting since February 24th and has been in operation for more than two months. Pu Zhenghao, chief executive of SK Telecom, repeatedly stressed that “safety of all members is the priority among priorities and focuses on COVID-19’s internal control and prevention.”

Therefore, if you want to enter SK Telecom headquarters building, no matter who you are, you must first take your temperature, put on a mask, and then pass the thermometer to enter the building. Visitors should not only accept disinfection and other epidemic prevention measures, but also not more than 6 people when taking the elevator.

On May 26, the robot officially took up its post in SK Telecom headquarters. It uses 5g network to transmit data with the server in real time, and can drive automatically. In the process of driving, it collects visitors’ body temperature and other data, uploads them to the server, and carries out epidemic prevention and disinfection work according to the instructions.

SK Telecom hopes that these robots can reduce the workload of testing personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, these robots are only deployed in SK Telecom’s headquarters. Sk Telecom also publicly announced that it will cooperate with Omron to start mass production of the robot, which will be sold in South Korea in the second half of this year, and it plans to export it abroad next year.

In view of the impact of the epidemic, SK Telecom’s robot is not the first monitoring robot. Its competitor KT has launched an automated shopping cart with 5g connection in its smartphone warehouse. KT believes that the use of this automatic shopping cart will reduce the contact between people and the workload of staff.

“SK Telecom is the leading ICT company in Korea and a model for COVID-19 to prevent COVID-19,” said Cui Kexun, head of data services division of the telecommunications industry. It will enhance the epidemic prevention force through technology to overcome this global disaster. And we will show you all kinds of services suitable for the “contactless” era. “

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