Each medical equipment must meet different parameter sets, because each specification is based on the use mode and use time of the equipment, and the role of connectors in medical equipment can be said to be important, in addition to the settings of sterilization, electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection and intrusion protection (IP), Wearable medical device designers should also consider the six connector characteristics outlined below to ensure the best performance of the connector.

1. Torque problem of wearable medical connector

The design of wearable medical connector should pay attention to the torque of connection and disconnection to ensure that the connector is easy enough to connect and disconnect when needed, but it is difficult to disconnect accidentally.

2. Flexibility of wearable medical connector

The design of wearable medical connector should consider the movement of bedridden patients. It is suggested that wearable medical connector with concentric ring should be designed to move the connector more freely and reduce the risk of damage.

Six design points of wearable medical connector

3. Cable management of wearable medical connector

Mobile medical equipment needs to plan the cable length and functional mobility in advance, because the cable may need to move with people or equipment. It is recommended to consider sewing the cable into clothes to minimize the ability of patent damage or entanglement and ensure sufficient cable length.

4. Color problem of wearable medical connector

The more connectors in your design, the more color coding you want to consider. In order to minimize the number of colors required, multi-purpose connectors capable of transmitting signals and power or air and signals need to be considered. In addition, connector materials can usually be ordered in different colors, and rings of connector colors can also be widely used.

5. EMI shielding performance of wearable medical connector

The more technology in the application area, the more EMI shielding performance of the connector you need to protect the medical equipment system from electrical interference and noise. However, EMI protection cannot be skipped just because the product will be used at home, because medical equipment is usually critical, and the cost of electrical interference performance cannot be omitted because it is used at home.

6. Size problem of wearable medical connector

Sick and self-management patients have different needs from medical and nursing professionals. Try to ensure that the connector is small enough to meet the design requirements, and large enough to ensure that anyone can grasp it well. In addition, please pay close attention to the contour of the connector, because for wearable medical equipment, the lower the shape, the better.

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