The video monitoring system at the construction site mainly monitors the line situation at the construction site through local voice warning and remote wireless video to avoid damaging the high-voltage line. At the same time, it can also be used to monitor the construction situation at the construction site and ensure the life safety of workers.

One of the important characteristics of intelligent system is man-machine integration and human-oriented comprehensive integration system. Practice has proved that the “integrated seminar hall system” is an effective tool to realize scientific and democratic decision-making. It can not only be used to support macroeconomic decision-making and provide information and system for population decision-making, but also play a scientific role in the decision-making of military command and major projects of principles and policies. Therefore, it will gradually enter the decision-making procedures of the state, society and large enterprises, It has become an intelligent system for the major needs of the information society.

The site remote video monitoring project is an important part of the smart security project. A smart site management network is fully built to ensure that the smart site Project Construction reaches the national leading level in terms of standardization, networking, high definition, intelligence and practical benefits.

1. Realize the coverage density of personnel and vehicles on the construction site. Increase the total amount of video monitoring through new construction, expansion and reconstruction of monitoring points.

2. Realize the integration and sharing of video resources. Integrate various video image resources from different sources and formats to realize the digitization, networking and intelligence of video management information system.

3. Realize the in-depth application of video combat, and explore the establishment of a scientific video combat system.

4. Improve the infrastructure construction of smart site management.


The monitoring areas are generally arranged in: the key parts of the project, the process and the construction area of concealed works are fully covered for monitoring; Mixing and Prefabrication Yard and processing area; Dangerous goods storage; Large mechanical equipment division; Lifting beam stations and intersections. The use of the remote video monitoring system on the construction site not only greatly facilitates the project management, improves the management level of safe and civilized construction of the project, and provides advanced scientific and technological means and strong technical guarantee for the completion of high standards and high quality of the project.

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