Huaqiu electronic layout BLDC motor driven ecosystem

In recent years, motors have been widely used in fans, pumps, compressors, mechanical tools, household appliances, electric vehicles, heating and ventilation equipment, electric tools and self
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Overview, working principle and application of single lamp controller

As the name suggests, a single lamp controller is a controller that can control each lamp. There are many categories of single lamp controllers, but there are two main categories. Section
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What is the 4G remote controller of air conditioner and what are its advantages

It will be summer soon. Are you ready for the summer? Imagine the big sun in the summer. Is your heart already anxious. In
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Several graphic display controller devices of socienext

Socienext Inc. (soxi Technology), the agency brand of gahe fuyi’ai electronics, can be used for challenging cars
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Can bus is widely used in industrial automation control

Can bus, also called controller area network, is an industrial control bus. What is a bus? The English word is bus, which means bus. In practice
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Advantages and disadvantages of five auto software boot self updating methods

The main function of the auto software boot program is to refresh the app program. In a specific customer project, boot is also a part of customer requirements
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How to turn an ordinary air conditioner into a remote intelligent air conditioner

Up to now, there is no way to prove who was the first automatic controller. In China, it is said that Luban invented the wooden man. He can
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Tage Zhixing open pit mine driverless system enabling mine safety guarantee

Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and the emergency management department announced the first batch of candidates for the “pilot demonstration project for the application of safety emergency equipment”
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Dual channel electronic volume controller m62429 Chinese Manual

The m62429 is a two-channel electronic volume controller controlled by two-wire serial data. The built-in reference source circuit constitutes an electronic volume controller, which uses
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Dual channel electronic volume controller m62429l Chinese Manual

The m62429l is a two-channel electronic volume controller controlled by two-wire serial data. The built-in reference source circuit forms an electronic volume controller, which makes
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Using esp8266 module to make water heater controller

With the popularization of Internet of things modules such as esp8266, various “clouds” are overwhelmed, and the speed of Internet of things entering the home is significantly improved. As
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Using esp8266 module to make water heater controller,

How to realize remote control of air conditioner

With the advent of the intelligent age, people put forward better requirements for the quality of life and have a new understanding of the happiness index. Whether it is work or life, intelligent
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Arm interrupt principle and interrupt nesting

We can assume that the arm core has two interrupt pins (actually invisible). One is IRQ pin and the other is FIQ P
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Calibration design of electronic control unit using canape based on CCP protocol

The matching calibration protocol based on CAN bus is used to calibrate the electronic control unit in the vehicle controller area network. Analyzed CCP
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What problems can the 4G remote controller of air conditioner solve

The air conditioner 4G remote controller is different from the general air conditioner remote controller. Different controllers have different functions. They have the learning function, which can be realized through the equipment
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AGV controller specification (yx-agv-a101 Series)

Yx-agv-a101 series AGV controller adopts high-speed 32-bit processor, and all IO is used as isolation protection to directly
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Free download of radio production Jinghui textbook

This book introduces 382 electronic production projects in 7 categories that can be made by hand. Some of these programs are suitable for developing teenagers’ intelligence and cultivating their hands
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Development of bottom driver for CCP protocol of vehicle controller based on Infineon tc275

For the vehicle controller based on Infineon tc275 single chip microcomputer, the bottom driver of controller area network calibration protocol (CCP) is opened
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End to end learning of NVIDIA drivetmpx autonomous vehicle

We have proved through experience that CNN can learn the whole task of lane and road following without manually decomposing it into road or lane marking detection
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Reference design of UAV electronic speed controller (ESC)

This electronic speed controller scheme is a very compact ready to use electronic speed controller (ESC) reference design, suitable for small competitions to large events
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Reference design of UAV electronic speed controller (ESC),

S7-200 smart P rofinet network

The “start up time” setting affects the
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Connection and operation method of piezoelectric controller and piezoelectric deflection mirror

Today, I’d like to introduce the connection operation between the piezoelectric controller and the piezoelectric deflection mirror. We take the core tomorrow P33 series 2D θ x、 θ Y piezoelectric deflection mirror and
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Rongpai develops isolated drive pai8233 series products

Rongpai pai8233 series products are dual channel isolated grid drivers. The drive side has a peak source current capacity of 4 amps and a leakage current capacity of 8 amps
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What if the air conditioner always forgets to turn off? The remote air conditioner controller can easily solve the problem

A company in Shanghai is a small and medium-sized enterprise with hundreds of employees. The company rents two floors of an office building for office. In addition to the office, the company
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The residual pressure controller has rich application scenarios, and it is safer without blind spots

The residual voltage controller is widely used in different scenarios and is safer without blind spots. The residual voltage controller includes actual operation organization, circuit breaker system software, strip organization, detection
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Application and principle of 35kV outdoor column vacuum circuit breaker

The 35kV user boundary switch (column vacuum circuit breaker) produced by Shaanxi XD high voltage switchgear Co., Ltd. is an ideal equipment to solve the above-mentioned ripple accidents
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Brief analysis of RTC test steps of nuc980 real time clock controller

Test environment development board: nk-980iot v1.0 development environment: RT thread studio 2.2.1 + nuwriter v1.18rt thread version: 4.0.51 n
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Configuration case of PROFIBUS DP to PROFINET gateway

Xiaojiang intelligent control PROFIBUS DP is transferred to PROFINET gateway gw-pbm-pn to integrate a single DP slave device into PR
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Configuration case of PROFIBUS DP to PROFINET gateway,

Causes and solutions of uart5 initialization error of H7 chip

Problem phenomenon: when using a new controller for serial communication today, the data has not been successfully sent. But other serial ports can communicate normally. Uart5, t
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Solution of body controller test system

In recent years, with the rise of the electronics industry, the automotive industry and the electronics industry have been closely linked, forming the automotive electronics specialty. Automotive electronics in
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Solution of body controller test system,

How to select the Boost Regulator Controller IC and use LTSpice to select peripheral components

What is the input voltage and output voltage? This is the first question to ask when selecting a buck or boost DC-DC converter. The second problem is that the pre
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How to select the Boost Regulator Controller IC and use LTSpice to select peripheral components,

Zhicong technology announced to strengthen cooperation with German vector company

Recently, Shanghai Zhicong Technology Co., Ltd. announced to strengthen the cooperative relationship with German vector company, and further strengthen the cooperative relationship between FBL products and services
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Microsoft launches hybrid cloud and multi cloud management solutions blackberry and Marelli expand cooperation in China

Microsoft announced that it plans to launch azure arc hybrid cloud and multi cloud management solutions for the Chinese market in the first half of 2022
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Visteon launched the fourth generation smartcor domain controller and enabled Microsoft smart cloud

Visteon (NASDAQ: VC), a global leading technology company serving the mobile industry, is listed in CES ® On 2022
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Black sesame intelligence is making every effort to promote the mass production of its Dali car gauge chips

From March 25 to 27, the high-profile annual event of the automotive industry, the forum of China electric vehicle 100 people’s meeting (2022), adopted the “cloud Forum
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What should be considered when selecting dual power automatic transfer switch

In daily situations, the dual power supply automatic transfer switch needs to be equipped with a controller, because this may realize the detection of functional faults such as overvoltage and undervoltage of the two power supplies
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S7-300 integrated PN port is used as profinnet controller (TIA)

The IO field devices of PROFINET IO have the same level on PROFINET and are assigned to an IO controller during network configuration
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Low cost cordless single phase BLDC handheld mixer scheme

In recent years, affected by the epidemic, people spend more time at home. Cooking has become a good way for many people to add fun to their lives. The home mixer Market has also
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Multi battery usb-pd+qc2/qc3 mobile power supply scheme

Since USB type supports USB power delivery 3.0 (usb-pd 3.0) specification
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How many chips does a car need?

From the perspective of application, all kinds of vehicles, from tire pressure monitoring system tmps and camera to vehicle controller and automatic driving domain controller, are inseparable from
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Overview and product features of intelligent air conditioning controller

The high-speed development of the automobile industry has driven the continuous and substantial growth of the market demand for automobile air conditioners. With the upgrading of consumption and the tightening of energy conservation and emission reduction policies, automobile air conditioners
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Sl3150 DC-DC step-down chip electric vehicle controller chip is compatible with pn6005

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Intranet security and Internet of things security of IVI PLC

Network security has become an important problem that any system, product, service and other parts involved in the network can not avoid
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Working principle, advantages and disadvantages of capacitive touch screen

Capacitive touch screen works by using the current induction of human body. The capacitive touch screen is a four layer composite glass screen. The inner surface and interlayer of the glass screen
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Zhaoyi innovation fully enters the automotive application field Holtek introduces ht32f542xx series of Microcontrollers

Zhaoyi innovation has fully entered the automotive application field. Zhaoyi innovation announced its national production of 38nm SPI NAND flash GD
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Why does PCIe gen3/gen4 not use CXL

Compute Express link is a cache consistency interconnect designed to help systems (especially systems with accelerators
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On board Ethernet challenges can bus

With the development of automotive intelligence, on-board Ethernet has become an indispensable part of advanced automotive electronic architecture. On the central node, on-board Ethernet has occupied
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Ambarella launches AI domain controller SOC series, amd insight expands ecosystem

The unique hardware scalability of the CV3 series enables automakers to unify their software stack across their entire retail portfolio while reducing software
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Ambarella’s high-end ADAS software integration solution Renesas electronics launched RCD supporting industrial temperature level

Renesas Electronics Group (tse:6723), a global semiconductor solution supplier, announced that it has launched ddr5 (5R
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What is the function of gas alarm controller host

Do you know what functions the gas alarm controller host has? Combustible gas alarm system is a system for detecting combustible gas, which consists of alarm, gas
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Dspic30f3010/3011 high performance 16 bit digital signal controller

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Application of CANopen to profibusdp gateway in wind power industry

As a renewable energy with mature technology and high efficiency, wind power generation is widely valued by countries all over the world. After years of exploration and efforts, I
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Application of CANopen to profibusdp gateway in wind power industry,

Shanghai belling launches Sgt products based on charge balance principle

For the demand of discrete devices in electronic control system, Shanghai belling has developed split gate trench m based on charge balance principle
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How to design the fuzzy controller for the forward and backward of the trolley

How to set the fuzzy controller of the trolley forward and backward, and what should be the input and output? No clue, no idea, fuzzy set can’t think of it, ask the boss for advice
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Summary of trial data of numaker-m2354 development board

1. test environment MDK v5.26.2.0 Nu link_ Keil_ Driver 3.07.7246r ENV V1.2.0 Python V2.7.13 rt-thread-v4….
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What is the hardware signal of the complete USB2.0 OTG controller

How to realize the data transmission of USB device? What is the hardware signal of the complete USB2.0 OTG controller
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What is MCP2515? What are the functions of MCP2515 protocol controller

What is MCP2515? What are the functions of MCP2515 protocol controller
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What are the features of USB3.0 OTG controller

What are the components of the rk3399 SOC framework? What are the characteristics of USB3.0 OTG controller
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Realization of push down magnetic levitation material module based on l298nah3503 controller

The push down magnetic levitation manufacturing material module realizes that the l298nah3503 controller is partially updated on September 4, 2021. Materials 1.4 coils 2 Magnetic ring &nb
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Downloading ltdc related data of stm32cbuemx LCD controller

To sum up, stm32f429 internally integrates the LCD screen controller ltdc. When we initialize ltdc, we can change the contents of LCD display by changing the video memory
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T2035h-8t STMicroelectronics t2035h820a800v three terminal bidirectional thyristor

Oelectronics t2035h-8 20A 800V three terminal bidirectional thyristor is very suitable for compact drive of heavy AC load, which can reduce the size of heat sink. Each device is based on St Snubberless high temperature technology. They have higher specified turn-off commutation and noise resistance up to Tmax. Each device safely optimizes the control of the most demanding General Motors, heaters and inductive loads in industrial control and household appliances. Characteristic 20A large current three terminal bidirectional thyristor symmetrical blocking voltage: 800V maximum junction temperature (TJ):150 ° C three trigger quadrant high noise resistance, static dv/dt robust dynamic turn-off commutation (dl/dt) C ecopack2 compliant components. Molded resins passing ul94-v0 flammability certification include D2Pak and TO-220AB (insulated and non insulated). Optional applications include home automation intelligent AC plug water heater Indoor heater and coffee machine AC induction and general motor control surge current limiter in AC DC rectifier lighting and automation i/o control general AC line load control
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Hvled001btr STMicroelectronics hvled001b high power factor flyback controller

Oelectronics hvled001b high power factor flyback controller is an enhanced peak current mode controller, which can focus on the control of high power factor (HPF) flyback or buck boost. Hvled001b can also be used to implement other topologies, such as step-down, step-up and SEPIC. With the help of hvled001b, primary side regulation and optocoupler control can be applied independently, and precise regulation and extremely low standby power consumption can be realized under no-load conditions. St high voltage technical support connects hvled001b directly to the input voltage to start the device and monitor the input voltage without external components. Hvled001b can provide protection against abnormal conditions, including open circuit, output short circuit, input overvoltage and undervoltage. The open-loop and overcurrent circuit faults of the main switch can also be effectively controlled. The hvled001b also integrates an automatic recovery timer (Art) function to ensure automatic recovery of applications without reducing reliability. The primary side voltage regulator of the characteristic quasi resonant (QR) topology output voltage is directly connected to the optocoupler, and the current loop adjustment is realized through the feedback disconnection detection. 800V high voltage startup is realized within the general range to achieve high power factor and low THD. The programmable frequency turn back with high efficiency and extremely low output stability in the wide voltage and current range is realized
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Hvled001btr STMicroelectronics hvled001b high power factor flyback controller,

Stnrgpf02tr STMicroelectronics stnrgpf02 and stnrgpf12pfc digital controllers

Oelectronics stnrgpf02 and stnrgpf12 factor correction (PFC) digital controllers are designed for interleaved PFC boost topologies and are suitable for high-power applications. Stnrgpf02 provides traditional inrush current control through a mechanical solution based on relays and limiter resistors. Stnrgpf12 has the function of digital inrush current control, which is realized through the solid-state solution based on silicon controlled rectifier. Both devices can drive up to 2 interleaved channels. Stnrgpf02 and stnrgpf12 PFC digital controllers operate in CCM at fixed frequency in applications based on mixed signal (analog / digital) architecture, with average current mode control. These controllers can be configured through a dedicated software tool (edesignsuite) to match a variety of specific applications. The tool generates a complete schematic, including a complete bill of materials and final binary object code (FW), which can be downloaded to the IC. Features 2 cross channel boost PFC fixed frequency CCM average current mode semi digital architecture integrated surge current limiter function overcurrent and thermal protection soft start phase switching function high operating frequency easy integration of other applications flexible design customization can meet special
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Stnrgpf02tr STMicroelectronics stnrgpf02 and stnrgpf12pfc digital controllers,

Hvled007tr STM microelectronics hvled007 current mode PFC controller

Oelectronics hvled007 current mode PFC controller adopts special circuit (input current shaper) to support high PF quasi resonant flyback converter to obtain theoretical sinusoidal input current from power line. The IC has a control input, which is driven by the phototransistor of the optocoupler to close the isolated control loop of the secondary side voltage stabilization. However, by adding a simple external circuit, it can also be used to close the voltage loop of the primary side regulator. Hvled007 has various protection features and can handle overload, short circuit and overvoltage. The output stage of push-pull output circuit has the capability of 600mA pull current and 800mA sink current, which is suitable for large MOSFET Drivers. Thanks to the push-pull output circuit level and other characteristics, the device becomes a low-cost solution very suitable for SMPS (up to 100W) complying with en61000-3-2 standard. The hvled007 PFC controller is ideal for indoor and outdoor solid-state lighting applications, with an extended operating temperature range as low as -40 ° C and guaranteed electrical specifications. Characteristics: the flyback PFC pre regulator is converted to mode (quasi resonant) control. The proprietary input current shaper can realize the minimum line current thd. It is used to isolate the feedback and optocoupler driven control input and output overvoltage protection. Overload and short circuit protection are low
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Hvled007tr STM microelectronics hvled007 current mode PFC controller,

Max25612batp/vy+ maximintegrated max25612 high voltage LED controller

The max25612 high voltage LED controller is a single channel high brightness LED (HB LED) driver suitable for automotive headlights applications. These applications include high beam, low beam, daytime running lights (DRL), direction indicators, fog lights and other LED lights. The input voltage range of the device is 5V to 48V. It can drive an LED light string, and the maximum output voltage is 65V. Max25612 is a fully synchronous device, which is suitable for boost and buck boost applications requiring synchronous rectification, and can provide an efficiency of more than 90%. Max25612 can detect the output current at the high side of LED lamp string. High side current detection is required to prevent short circuit from output to ground or battery input. This device is also the most flexible scheme for driving LED, and supports boost, high side buck or buck boost mode configuration. PWM input provides LED dimming ratio of up to 5000:1, and ictrl input provides additional analog dimming function in max25612. The max25612 also includes an FLT flag to indicate open circuit, short circuit and thermal shutdown of the lamp string. Max25612 also supports built-in spread spectrum modulation to improve EMC performance. High feature integration, can minimize BOM, reduce cost +5.0v to +48v wide input voltage range and +65v maximum boost output integrated PMOS dimming FET driver for analog dimming ICT
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Max25612batp/vy+ maximintegrated max25612 high voltage LED controller,

Eval-ibd002-35w STMicroelectronics eval-ibd002-35w controller evaluation board

Oelectronics eval-ibd002-35w controller evaluation board is designed to demonstrate hvled002 controller. Hvled002 controller manages the reverse step-down circuit mainly composed of D1, L1 and Q1 components, and can provide about 700mA as the maximum LED load current. The external 0V to 10V signal is specially used to manage the dimming output LED current (1% to 100% of the maximum value), with analog (100% to 10%) and PWM (10% to 1%) control functions. 15V auxiliary voltage is required to power up the hvled002 controller. Characteristic VIN – 48VDC to 60VDC; Vaux – 15Vdc input voltage LED output voltage: 24VDC to 48vdcled output current: 700mA (maximum) dimming: 1% to 100% less than 50MW (at 60vin) DC no-load efficiency full load: >97%>95% (when the load exceeds 20%) (analog \
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Eval6227pd eval6227pdl6227 DMOS dual full bridge driver PWM current controller evaluation board

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Steval-ill066v2 steval-ill066v2 uses stlux385a digital controller 100 watt LED street lamp lighting evaluation board

Stlux385a digital controller high efficiency (92%) primary side control up to 100 watts (100 V, 1 A or 0.5 a 200 V) suitable for LED connection single isolated output wide input voltage range: 90 V to 265 V AC in the steval-ill066v2 evaluation board is a complete and configurable solution to effectively control single, dimmable, high brightness LED strings using stlux385a digital controller.
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St23l48a st23l48ast23 contact security MCU with 48 KB EEPROM enhanced security and nescrypt encryption processor

Type 8-bit / 16 bit st23 CPU core 16 megabyte linear addressable memory user ROM 390 kilobyte user ram 6 bytes 2 kilobytes nescrypt ram 48 bytes user EEPROM, including 128 bytes of user OTP area 30 years of data storage at 25 ℃ 500000 erasures / writes at 25 ℃ 1 to 64 bytes erasure or programming at 1.5 milliseconds operating temperature: -25 ° to + 85 ° C enhanced nescrypt encryption processor, For public key encryption FIPS pub 197 compatible AES accelerator uses watchdog and interrupt 3 8-bit timer capabilities st23l48a device is a serial access microcontroller custom designed for secure smart card applications
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St23yr48 st23yr48st23 dual interface security MCU enhanced security with 48 kilobyte EEPROM and nescrypt cryptographic processor RF type B (contactless ID passport / PKI)

Features enhanced 8-bit / 16 bit st23 CPU core 16 megabyte linear addressing memory 390 bytes user ROM 6 bytes user ram 2 kilobytes nescrypt ram 48 bytes user EEPROM includes 128 bytes user OTP area: 30 years of data storage 1 to 64 bytes erasure or programming in 1.5 milliseconds enhanced nescrypt encryption processor, For public key encryption hardware security enhancement des accelerator with watchdog and interrupt capability three 8-bit timers 3V and 5V power supply voltage range external clock frequency up to 10 MHz high performance CPU clock frequency up to 29 MHz power saving standby state contact distribution is ISO / IEC compatible: by providing 7816-3 standard asynchronous transceiver (IART), it is used for high-speed serial data support (ISO / IEC 7816-3 and EMV ™ Compatible) ESD protection greater than 5kV (HBM) for contact pad and 4KV for non-contact pad contact with the requirements of ISO / IEC 14443 type B standards 13.56MHz carrier frequency RF frame up to 512 bytes rfuart (RF universal asynchronous transceiver) up to 848kb / s 0.5kb dedicated rfuart ram BPSK – NRZ load modulation (card to reader) 8% to 14% amplitude modulation reception (reader to card) As the minimum range, the CPU clock frequency is set to 29 MHz plus the clock frequency to enhance the RF performance divider security
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Stm86312 stm863121/4 to one eleventh duty cycle VFD controller / driver

ernal resistor necessary for driver output (P-channel open drain + pull down resistor output) General purpose input port (4 bits) Many display modes (11 segments & 11 digits to 16 segments & 4 digits) Dimming circuit (eight steps) Key scanning (6 x 4 matrix) LED ports (4 chs, 20mA max) Serial interface (CLK, STB, DIN, DOUT) High-voltage output (VDD- 35V max) The STM86312 is a VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) controller/driver that is driven on a 1/4 to 1/11-duty factor. It consists of 11-segments output lines, 6 grid output lines, 5 segments/grid output drive lines, a display memory, a control circuit, and a key scan circuit. Serial data are input to the STM86312 through a three-line serial interface. This VFD controller/driver is ideal as a peripheral device for a single-chip microcomputer….
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Pm6776 pm6776 dual channel digital vr13 polyphase controller with pmbus 6 + 1 ™

Er ® Vr13 6 + 1-Phase compact digital controller vr13 conforms to 25MHz SVID bus rev 1.7 high performance digital control loop (digital stvcot ™) Proprietary autotuning technology is fully configurable via pmbus ™ Autodpm – automatic dynamic phase management remote sensing; 0.5%vout accuracy and calibration using calibration the pm6776 is designed as a high-performance digital dual controller current monitoring signal for power Intel vr13 processor: all required parameters are through pmbus ™ Interface programming.
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Ev-vnh7070ay ev-vnh7070ayvnh7070ay evaluation board

The single IC application board is specially used for vnh7070ay to provide electrical connection and thermal heat dissipation. Easy to form ev-vnh70ay provides you with a simple method to connect ST’s vipower m0-7 H bridge driver to the existing prototype circuit. The evaluation board is equipped with vnh7070ay H bridge. The on-board minimum setting of electrical components (as recommended in the equipment data sheet) enables the user to directly connect the load at the power supply with the microcontroller without any additional effort in the design and connection of external components.
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Stsw-stpm003 stsw-stpm003 is implemented for stm32f4 discovery kit and evalstpm32 three-phase firmware

Four stpms meters are used to save parameters EEPROM supports (optional) USB virtual COM port (VCP), supports GUI and labtools minishell (command line analyzer), sends commands through USB to communicate with UART or SPI stpm STM32 handlers and drivers support the development of three-phase applications based on cubic MX using firmware in stpm3x and stm32f407 devices. It has developed the stm32f4 discovery suite based on the interface between stm32f407vgt and evalstpm32, but it can be easily ported to other microcontrollers.
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Stsw-io-link Demo Kit firmware for stsw-io-linkio-link

Package STM32 microcontroller arm ® cortex ® – The Cortex-M3 of M0 + and arm complies with the stm32cube development framework. In other STM32 platforms, the portable PC interface communication layer based on RS-485 communication is used to exchange the master station and sensor node sensor configuration and sensor data acquisition fast Fourier transform (FFT) operation to evaluate the vibration spectrum. This test kit includes steval-idp004v1 and steval-idp003v1 evaluation boards for a complete firmware version to facilitate the configuration, System management in data exchange and processing. It is based on the stm32cubehal library and uses the powerful stm32cubemx tool to configure the microcontroller and update the creation workspace without losing data
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Stsw-bfa001v1 stsw-bfa001v1 software package steval-bfa001v1b

Firmware implementation to build application status monitoring and predictive maintenance based on three-dimensional digital accelerometer, environmental and acoustic MEMS sensor middleware includes algorithms for advanced time and frequency domain signal processing vibration analysis programmable FFT size (5121024 or 2048 points) programmable FFT averaging and overlapping programmable windows (flat top, Hanning, Hamming) speed RMS averaging, Acceleration peak middleware integrated microphone algorithm: PDM to PCM sound pressure audio FFT firmware package stm32f469ai has developed a multi port evaluation board for portable PC data monitoring in different microcontroller series to demonstrate the main functions of firmware steval-idp004v1 IO link through any free terminal simulator example and de communication dedicated PC GUI special stsw-bfa1predmnt status monitoring firmware is configured to interact with stsw-idp4predmnt, It also allows data to be uploaded to the cloud via the stm32mp157c-dk2 gateway. The firmware package is designed to help you develop an industrial predictive maintenance solution based on condition monitoring
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Stsw-usbpd45cfw stsw-usbpd45cfwsw package steval-usbpd45c 45W USB type C ™ Power adapter shipment

The binary of package and application instance is steval-usbpd45c 45 watt USB C type ™ Power transfer adapter. Application firmware arm designed based on the certified x-cube-usb-pd software ® 32-bit cortex ® – M0 stm32f051 MCU and pd3.0 certified stusb1602a type C controller. The stsw-usbpd45cfw package is designed to support the reference design of steval-usbpd45c 45 watt USB C type power transfer adapter.
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Stsw-iod003 stsw-iod003 IC evaluation software for IO link communication transceiver equipment based on stm32cube l6362a

The 62A IO link communication transceiver device IC is integrated in the management driver layer of the steval-iod003v1 evaluation board. The configuration of GPIO and IRQ is used to receive and transmit I / Q channel control fault interrupt processing is used to control the l6362a device. It is easy to apply programs in different microcontroller series portability examples, thanks to the free stm32cube, User friendly license terms in stsw-iod003 are used for steval-iod003v1 evaluation board, which integrates the evaluation software link transceiver equipment of l6362a io-.
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Evl6564h-100w evl6564h-100w based on the l6564h 100 watt transition mode PFC pre regulator demonstration board

Voltage range: 90 to 265 VAC minimum line frequency (f →): 47 Hz regulated output voltage: 400 V rated output power: 100W maximum 2F → output voltage ripple: 20 V peak to peak holding time: 10 ms (holding time after V drop: 300 V) minimum switching frequency: 40 kHz minimum meter efficiency: 92% (@ V in = 90 VAC, P out = 100 W) maximum ambient temperature: 50 ℃ PCB type and size: 35 for one side μ m,CEM-1,90 × 83mm this demo board is based on the new transition mode PFC controller l6564h and appliance 100 W, wide range power input, PFC pre regulator suitable for ballasts, adapters, flat screen displays, and all have SMPS to meet iec61000-3-2 or jeita-miti regulations
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Stsw-l9177a stsw-l9177aeval-l9177a graphical user interface

RS232 port connection and microcontroller automatic com connection l9177a SPI register reading and writing can generate programmable durationactuations possibility to control l9177a parallel actuation. The stsw-l9177a is a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows the eval-l9177a evaluation board to be initialized and changed through the SPI protocol to manage parallel PWM inputs and readout outputs. The l9177a GUI has been developed using LabVIEW and its use, such as the microcontroller interface, is found on the spc56m board.
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