-Simplicity Studio 5 provides multi protocol support, faster performance, and a new interface,And support secure vault-

Beijing, China – September 10, 2020 – silicon labs, a leading provider of chips, software and solutions to build a smarter and more connected world, has released simplicity Studio 5, a major upgrade of its integrated development environment (IDE). The new version of simplicity Studio provides a consistent access and development experience for a variety of wireless protocols through a centralized web style user interface.

Silicon labs simplifies IOT development with simplicity Studio 5

Silicon labs has designed a new version of this all in one software suite to simplify the development of wireless systems on chip (SOC) and modules, microcontrollers, and other embedded products for IOT devices. Simplicity Studio 5 also provides security configuration and code of IOT SOC and module in a consistent style for IOT device developers, which greatly reduces device development time.

“IOT developers face many technical challenges, including optimization for performance, power consumption, size, multi protocol coexistence, and security,” said Matt Johnson, senior vice president of the Internet of things at silicon labs. In addition, developers face business pressures, including development cycles, authentication, and code reuse. Simplicity Studio 5 is a new free development platform that can solve these problems and create smart home, commercial, consumer and industrial applications faster and easier than ever before. It can support all wireless technologies of silicon labs, and help developers easily create complex and flexible multi protocol products with openthread and Bluetooth dynamic multiprotocol technology without knowing every implementation detail. “

Based on feedback from customers, employees and developers, silicon labs redesigned the simplicity studio platform to address the challenges faced by IOT developers, help users with different experiences gain quick access to resources, and the ability to quickly develop, prototype, and deploy connected devices. With a modern user interface, optimized workflow, higher performance, and debugging and analysis capabilities, simplicity Studio 5 helps developers bring wireless solutions to market faster.

Simplicity Studio 5 can also intelligently identify all evaluation and development kits released by silicon labs, and provide users with appropriate software development kits (SDKs), tools and development resources.

Highlights of simplicity Studio 5

·Scalability: a set of tools and environments can support multiple protocols; support for other protocols will continue to increase. Support for openthread makes it easier to develop IPv6 Based Mesh applications, and paves the way for future development of project connected home over IP devices running on efr32 wireless gecko of silicon labs.

·Responsive user interface (UI): a new web style user interface.

·Modern platform: Based on the new version of C / C + + development tools and open source Eclipse platform, it supports the use of eclipse marketplace plug-ins.

·Kernel upgrade: higher performance and industry standard code editors, compilers and debuggers.

·Network analyzer: simplify the development of mesh solution by collecting, sorting and analyzing the data results of the whole network.

·Project configuration: new project tools are enabled through the SDK based on software components to enhance the discoverability, configurability and dependency management of software components, which surpass the tools of competitors.

·Power analyzer: analyze the power consumption of equipment to help optimize the design, thereby reducing power consumption and prolonging battery life.

·Advanced security: enable new secure vault features to help IOT devices cope with escalating security challenges and regulatory requirements for the future.

·Automatic circuit board detection: once the circuit board is connected, the technical documents and software examples of the device will be automatically searched.

·Value added tools: code related power analysis, wireless network analysis and improved debugging functions, which facilitate debugging and speed up the time to market of complex applications.

At the works with online smart home developer conference, silicon labs officially launched simplicity Studio 5. The conference brings together technical personnel, development platforms and various agreements to promote the growing smart home industry. Works with will be held from September 9 to 10, 2020, and registered personnel can watch the playback on demand.

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