Silicon labs and yeelight cooperate to launch intelligent lighting products to support seamless setup in Google home applications.

-Yeelight’s new LED bulbs enhance user experience with silicon labs Bluetooth Technology-

Beijing, China – January 14, 2021 – silicon labs, the world’s leading supplier of chips, software and solutions dedicated to building a smarter and more connected world, and yeelight, the world’s leading intelligent lighting supplier with 3.2 million users, announced today that they will jointly launch a new type of intelligent LED bulb, Support seamless setup in Google home application. The M2 intelligent LED multi-color bulb of yeelight adopts Bluetooth bg21 system on chip (SOC) of silicon labs in the design, which can realize reliable wireless connection and support users to connect and control smart home devices in Google home application without other applications.

“Yeelight’s new M2 bulb meets the growing demand of consumers for smart home products that are smart and easy to use through simplified setting requirements and Google assistant voice control functions.” Mr. Wang, vice president of Asia Pacific sales at silicon labs, said“ Our Bluetooth solutions play a key role in providing a better lighting experience, ensuring reliable wireless connectivity, high performance and low power consumption. “

Yeelight is one of the first brands to integrate Google seamless into intelligent lighting products. Yeelightm2 bulb supports multi-color effect, adjustable color temperature, and brightness can be increased to 1000 lumens – bright enough for daily lighting. Seamless setup allows you to quickly and easily set up smart home devices in Google home applications in just a few steps. In addition, Google nest devices can act as hubs to connect smart home devices to the network without using other applications.

By using bg21 solution of silicon labs to connect, yeelightm2 bulb provides external access mode for devices supporting Google assistant, and has higher reliability. Users can simply use voice to make Google turn lights on / off, dim lights or change the color of lights. M2 bulb is directly paired with Google assistant, which can shorten the response time of speakers or monitors supporting Google assistant. Users can also set up Google assistant routines in the Google home application to automatically control lighting in some settings through simple voice commands.

“Silicon Labs’ reliable and secure smart home wireless Internet of things (IOT) platform enables us to create high-performance and uniquely designed smart home lighting products for our customers.” Wei Wei, chief technology officer of yeelight, said“ Silicon Labs’ technology is an important asset for us to continue to define new lighting standards in the industry. “

Yeelight also showed off the M2 bulb at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

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