-Silicon labs can provide a full range of low-power Bluetooth solutions with first-class power, size, security and excellent RF performance-

Beijing, China – September 10, 2020 – silicon labs, a leading provider of chips, software and solutions for a smarter and more connected world, is expanding its industry-leading low-power Bluetooth (low energy) product line for Internet of things developers with industry-leading RF performance. Silicon labs offers excellent performance, flexibility and packaging options for Bluetooth 5.2, including system on chip (SOC), system level packaging (SIP), module and network coprocessor (NCP). The silicon labs Internet of things (IOT) solution offers first-class performance, advanced security, and is optimized for power, cost, size, and turnkey simplicity.

Silicon labs announced bgm220s to expand its low power Bluetooth product line. The size of bgm220s is only 6x6mm, which is one of the smallest Bluetooth SIP in the world. It provides an ultra compact, low-cost, long battery life SIP module, adding complete Bluetooth connectivity for ultra small products. At the same time, bgm220p, a slightly larger PCB module, has been optimized for wireless performance, and has better link budget, which can cover a larger range. Bgm220s and bgm220p are among the first Bluetooth modules to support Bluetooth direction finding, and they can support a single button battery for up to 10 years of battery life.

Silicon labs extends the industry-leading Bluetooth product line to provide unparalleled performance and flexibility for IOT devices

“Our low-power Bluetooth product line demonstrates the unique capabilities of silicon labs to provide a complete wireless solution with state-of-the-art performance, power, size and security,” said Matt Johnson, senior vice president of the Internet of things at silicon labs. Silicon labs has been working for many years in a wide range of IOT wireless fields, including mesh, multi protocol, proprietary wireless protocol, thread, ZigBee and Z-Wave. We focus on wireless expertise and are committed to building a leadership position in low-power Bluetooth, and our secure Bluetooth 5.2 SOC is highly acclaimed in the market. Bg22, launched in January 2020, is widely used in consumer, healthcare and smart home products, bringing us unprecedented product adoption and growth opportunities. “

According to the Bluetooth SIG 2020 Bluetooth market report, the fastest growing Bluetooth RF chip is low-power Bluetooth, with a CAGR of 26%.

Industry leading high performance and top security

Silicon labs provides high-performance and secure low-power Bluetooth SOC and modules. SOC has highly customizable software and RF design options, which is the ideal choice for IOT equipment manufacturers who require high flexibility in IOT equipment development. SIP module is suitable for manufacturers of low-power Bluetooth devices requiring ultra-small size and pre certification, and it hardly needs RF design or engineering; PCB module has many advantages of SIP module and low cost.

Silicon Labs’ chip and module solutions also support multi protocol connectivity for demanding applications, including gateways, hubs, and intelligent lighting. Silicon labs has been a leader in wireless mesh networks for decades, and the company is importing a suite of advanced security features known as secure vault into its high-performance, low-power Bluetooth family. Secure vault is an advanced hardware and software security suite currently available for IOT devices, enabling device manufacturers to better protect their brands, product designs and consumer data.

Just last week, silicon Labs’ new efr32mg21b Multi Protocol Wireless SoC with built-in secure vault received arm PSA level 2 certification, which is based on a comprehensive assurance framework, which can help realize IOT security standardization and remove security barriers to facilitate product launch. Efr32mg21b is the first RF chip to obtain arm PSA level 2 certification.

In August 2020, efr32xg22 wireless gecko Series 2 development kit was awarded ioxt smartcert security certification by ioxt alliance. As an alliance committed to improving the security of the Internet of things, the ioxt alliance certification program evaluates the equipment according to the eight ioxt commitment principles. Only devices that meet or exceed the corresponding security level can obtain ioxt smartcert certification.

Silicon Labs’ high performance and low power Bluetooth products include efr32bg21a SOC with secure element and bgm210pa module. The new efr32bg21b SOC with secure vault is available for ordering, and the bgm210pb module with secure vault is planned to be available later this year.

Optimize efficiency and cost

Silicon labs also provides a series of optimized low-power Bluetooth solutions with low-cost, low-power and high storage efficiency, as well as powerful RF performance and security features, including secure boot with root of trust and secure loader. Silicon labs optimized low-power Bluetooth solutions are ideal for battery powered terminal node applications such as wireless sensors, actuators, portable healthcare and asset tags. The bgm220 module released today is a good example. It is ultra compact and low-cost. It can support a single button battery for 5-10 years of battery life. At the same time, it can easily add turn key pre certification, including CE and FCC regulatory certification and Bluetooth certification, so as to achieve rapid market launch.

Silicon labs optimized low-power Bluetooth products, including the award-winning efr32bg22 SOC and the new bgm220p / S module, are now available for order.

NCP realizes complete low-power Bluetooth solution, helping products to be launched quickly

Silicon Labs’ NCP is very suitable for IOT manufacturers because it almost eliminates the engineering and development cycles and enables products to be launched quickly. Silicon labs NCP enables device manufacturers to easily add turn key security and pre certified Bluetooth capabilities to their existing microcontrollers (MCU) to have embedded security features including trust roots.

Silicon labs is expanding its NCP product line with the new Bluetooth express bgx220 pre certified PCB and sip modules. Bgx220 UART to low power Bluetooth bridge module is planned to be launched before the end of September, which is expected to provide a fast way to bring safe low-power Bluetooth connection products to the market. Like bgm220, Bluetooth express bgx220 simplifies design by providing customers with a certified hardware platform that simplifies code development by transforming the protocol stack into a simple API that can be used with external microcontrollers.

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