Silicon Labs’ efr32fg on-chip system helps graffiti intelligently build a low-power, high security and long-distance transmission sub GHz module for home, commercial and industrial Internet of things.

Beijing, China – September 18, 2021 – silicon labs (also known as “core technology”, NASDAQ: slab), a global leader committed to building a more interconnected world with secure and intelligent wireless technology, and graffiti intelligence (NYSE: Tuya), a global IOT development platform, today announced that the two sides cooperate to provide complete sub GHz solutions to achieve low power consumption High security and long-distance transmission. The solution integrates the efr32fg (Flex gecko) sub GHz system on chip (SOC) of silicon labs into the ss3l module of graffiti intelligence, which can provide powerful functions for indoor and outdoor Internet of things (IOT) applications in scenarios such as smart home, smart building, industrial wireless control, smart hotel and smart community.

Graffiti smart ss3l module is a Low-Power Embedded sub GHz communication module with built-in network protocol stack and rich library functions. It supports developers to quickly access the IOT PAAS platform of graffiti smart and easily develop embedded sub GHz communication products by using graffiti smart sub GHz software development kit (SDK).

“By combining the ss3l module of graffiti intelligence, the sub GHz bidirectional protocol stack with mesh network function and the sub GHz SDK, we can help developers speed up the development process and shorten the time to market,” said Ross Luo, general manager of graffiti intelligence Asia Pacific. “We are happy to use the wireless technology of silicon labs in our solutions. They are ideal partners who can provide world-class wireless hardware and software, development tools and engineering support, enabling us to provide industry-leading products and solutions in the global market.”

Silicon Labs’ efr32fg SOC integrates energy-saving microcontroller (MCU) and highly integrated wireless transceiver supporting sub GHz proprietary wireless protocol into ss3l module of graffiti intelligence. With 20dbm output power and low receiving sensitivity, the SOC can realize long-distance communication, while its 1.3 µ a deep sleep mode power provides excellent energy efficiency. In addition, the device has AES-256 / 128 hardware encryption accelerator with ECC, SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms, which can provide high security for Internet of things products. For more information about efr32fg Wireless SoC, please visit here.

“Sub GHz wireless protocol is widely used in home, commercial and industrial Internet of things applications, which can provide high performance and high power efficiency,” said Matt Johnson, President of silicon labs. “We are pleased to cooperate with graffiti intelligence to realize their sub GHz solution through our efr32 wireless gecko SOC, which will facilitate the development of low-power and long-distance IOT devices for developers and customers. We look forward to continuing to expand our partnership with graffiti intelligence in the near future.”

Graffiti intelligence and silicon labs have been working together to build a variety of Internet of things solutions using a variety of wireless technologies, including ZigBee and Wi Fi. Graffiti intelligence recently participated in the Asia Pacific Conference of 2021 works with developer conference held by silicon labs. At the conference, Luo Zhijun, general manager of graffiti intelligence Asia Pacific, had a thematic conversation with Matt Johnson, President of silicon labs. To view the playback, click here.

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