Silicon based intelligent anti epidemic products become the preferred recommended products

Recently, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology issued the “notice on releasing the list of Nanjing Science and technology enabled epidemic prevention and control products (the first batch)”, in which the “silicon-based intelligent anti epidemic products” became the preferred recommended products in Nanjing.

Silicon language intelligent interaction platform is a licensed patent product obtained by silicon-based intelligence since its establishment, and it is also a star product involved in anti epidemic. AI silicon language intelligent interaction platform adopts advanced voice interaction technology. Under the support and guarantee of intelligent customer service, AI voice robot is used to create an intelligent and efficient intelligent human-computer interaction platform.

Silicon language intelligent interactive platform informs residents of all districts to participate in nucleic acid detection and vaccination at the first time through intelligent outbound calls; Quickly and accurately complete intelligent screening for residents in medium and high-risk areas; Timely return visits to suspected cases and isolated people effectively avoided the infection risk of centralized operation in the call center.

THL and qventus reach strategic cooperation and investment

(Business Wire) – (U.S. business information) — qventus, Inc. (“qventus” or “the company”) is a leading provider of artificial intelligence driving software for the nursing business. Today, it announced a growth investment led by Thomas H. Lee partners, LP (“THL”), a leading private equity company investing in growth companies, and premier, a leading healthcare improvement company, Strategic cooperation and investment of Inc. Thedacare and existing investors Bessemer venture partners, Mayfield fund and North venture partners joined THL and Premier. This round of financing and partnership enables the company to extend its technology to more hospitals and health systems in the United States.

“Our care operations automation software eases some of the greatest operational and financial pressures facing hospitals and health systems today,” said mudit Garg, co-founder and CEO of qventus. “We are pleased to work with world-class investors who bring domain and operational expertise in expanding the automation technology business. Our cooperation with THL and premier will enable us to expand our product vision, enhance our market share, and help the care team provide world-class healthcare services to patients across the country.”

“We look forward to helping qventus reach out to more suppliers and customers, and cooperate to develop new solutions, combining Premier’s experience and unique data assets with qventus’ technical platform and expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Leigh Anderson, general manager of premier’s performance, service division. “We believe that this will enable us to continue to provide innovation and expand the scarce clinical workforce, so as to pay more attention to patient care and value-added activities.”

Cumulation provides solutions for LCD monitors of all sizes

It can be predicted from the recent market dynamics that the full array local dimming (fald) Mini LED will become the mainstream technology of LCD backlight. Accumulation technology has been actively deployed here since two years ago. It has launched appropriate solutions for LCD monitors of different sizes, and worked with customers to bring better display effects to consumers.

Jiji launched Mini LED backlight driving chips mbi6322 and mbi6334 for medium and small LCD displays such as laptops and flat panels. Mbi6322 has high integration characteristics and integrates the line scan switch (MOSFET) in the chip; Mbi6334 uses BGA long package, which is especially suitable for narrow circuit boards. Therefore, mbi6322 and mbi6334, two backlight driver chips, can meet the design requirements of small and medium-sized LCD displays. In addition, mbi6322 and mbi6334 do not need to process the dimming signal of the mini LED backlight panel through the microcontroller. They can be directly matched with the commercially available timing control chip (t-con IC) or bridge chip (bridge IC) to maintain the design requirements of small and medium-sized LCD displays.

In this paper, the self silicon based THL accumulation
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