The concept of industry 4.0 is a hot topic. Industrie 4.0 is not just about intelligent networking between sensors and machines. For enterprises, it is more about mastering solutions of new dimensions, which helps enterprises achieve more efficient, longer-term and better processes. The latest innovations in the field of absolute rotary encoders can also be used to move towards the future of automatic optimization of equipment and processes. The new compact and absolute Industrial Ethernet rotary encoder developed by SIKO sensor experts has made great contributions to this.

SIKO GmbH adds another member to its wide range of rotary encoders, namely the new industrial Ethernet rotary encoder series. Fully adhering to the slogan of “absolute, compact and future oriented”, these encoders meet the requirements of the new machine concept and industry 4.0. Optical single turn and multi turn absolute rotary encoders wv5850 and wh5850 have high resolution and are designed for real-time applications. In the PROFINET model, the rotary encoder supports 250 µ s cycle time and is suitable for drive technology, bearing technology and factory automation. Especially in terms of drive technology, rotary encoder stands out for its insensitivity to electromagnetism, and can realize easy integration and optimal equipment availability due to its support for the latest PROFINET and ethernet/ip functions.

Wh5850 with various hollow shaft diameters is available, while wv5850 has different hollow shaft specifications to choose from. However, it is not only the front of the rotary encoder that has sufficient flexibility – the design of the rotary encoder cover is very compact, which is very helpful to install the rotary encoder with industrial Ethernet interface in a very small space! Therefore, the rotary encoder can be easily integrated into the equipment, and the performance and installation space can be considered.

PROFINET IO, RT and IRT – real time in a compact housing

In the PROFINET model, the two rotary encoders have a compact structure and support all PROFINET functions and features with the latest encoder configuration file (V 4.2). Therefore, the rotary encoder complies with the conformity Level C – encoder level 4, and the identification and maintenance functions of version 1.16. Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) has also been implemented, neighbourhood detection via lldp and access to multiple PLCs on rotary encoders via shared devices. Rotary encoder with 250 μ S cycle time meets high real-time requirements. In addition, the two encoders also support sendcycle up to 31.25 μ S clock synchronization cycle time, jitter <1>1>

Ethernet /ip – from control layer to device

The rotary encoder with optional Ethernet /ip interface improves the performance from the control layer to the device. With fast position value transmission, a short RPI time of at least 1 ms and high performance, the encoder is also suitable for time sensitive applications up to 1000 Hz update frequency. The fast start-up feature of rotary encoder and the implementation of DLR (device level ring) ensure that a single cable break will not cause the equipment to stop, which not only reduces the cost, but also helps to significantly improve the equipment availability.

Cable encoder with industrial Ethernet interface for ranging up to 15m

Wv5850 is used in combination with SIKO cable encoder, which can absolutely and accurately measure the linear distance up to 15 m. As one of the market leaders in the field of cable encoder, SIKO also provides common industrial Ethernet interfaces PROFINET and ethernet/ip from now on, as well as EtherCAT from 2022.

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