The environment is the place where human beings live and move, and it is also the supply base that provides human beings with natural resources needed for production and consumption. Environmental problems generally refer to the decline of environmental quality or ecological imbalance caused by the action of nature or human activities on the environment around people, and such changes in turn have adverse effects on human production and life. In the process of transforming the natural environment and creating the social environment, the natural environment is still changing with its inherent natural laws. On the one hand, the social environment is constrained by the natural environment, and it also moves with its inherent laws. Humans and the environment are constantly interacting and interacting, resulting in environmental problems.

So far, the environmental problems that have threatened human existence and have been recognized by human beings mainly include: global warming, ozone layer destruction, acid rain, freshwater resource crisis, energy shortage, sharp decline in forest resources, land desertification, accelerated species extinction, and garbage disasters , toxic chemical pollution and many other aspects.

Therefore, human beings must pay attention to environmental issues and cannot sacrifice the environment in exchange for economic development, which will inevitably cause harm to human society. punished by nature.


Under this premise, as a manufacturing manufacturer, it is obliged to maintain the natural environment on which we live. Relying on the Internet of Things technology and power parameter sensing technology, the environmental protection electricity monitoring cloud platform collects the data of the enterprise’s main incoming line, production equipment and pollution control equipment electricity circuit 24 hours a day. Stop/limit production analysis, correlation analysis, etc., timely discover the situation that environmental protection treatment equipment is not working properly, monitor the production status of production limit and production shutdown and remediation enterprises in real time, and issue alarms for abnormal pollution control facilities and illegal production during production shutdown and production restrictions to reduce And put an end to abnormal electricity consumption and equipment abnormality, and prevent enterprises from stealing, reducing, and leaking emissions in the process of pollutant supervision.

The detailed topology of the platform is as follows:


1. All-electric parameter measurement intelligent module ADW400

2 Wireless DTU AF-GSM500

3 Data acquisition and transmission instrument AF-HK100


Relying on big data analysis, mobile Internet, and Internet of Things technology, it can realize remote real-time monitoring of production, pollution control, and pollution discharge conditions of enterprises, which can reasonably reduce the frequency of on-site inspections of enterprises, improve the work efficiency of government departments, and solve the shortage of personnel in the environmental protection system and the large number of enterprises. asymmetry problem.

AcrelCloud-3000 environmental protection power monitoring cloud platform monitors the operation process of production equipment and pollution control equipment, intervenes in advance, realizes the management mode of early warning and pre-control, controls pollution from the source, and kills the pollution in the cradle.

At the same time, video or access control monitoring is used as an auxiliary means to monitor the results of pollutant discharge, reduce blind spots in supervision, form pollution control process and result monitoring, improve the informatization and intelligence level of environmental supervision, and help realize the differentiation and development of pollutant discharge enterprises. Refinement management.


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