In the emergency period of the epidemic, in order to reduce the close contact between personnel, everyone’s daily going out is limited. Therefore, the demand for a large number of fruits, vegetables and meat to be stored and kept fresh for a long time surged, and more people realized the importance of having a large capacity refrigerator. In fact, in daily life, the refrigerator with large capacity will also provide more convenience, help you easily reduce the number of purchases, save time and worry.

However, the limited home space has also brought many problems to the purchase of refrigerators. A slim Siemens refrigerator with opposite door can solve your troubles. It is slim in appearance, fashionable and simple, and has unexpected large capacity and multiple fresh control technology, so that the “stored” vegetables can also maintain a fresh taste and escort a healthy diet.

Siemens slim pair of door refrigerators not only meet the fresh-keeping needs of daily food materials

Slim and simple, creating a new integrated space for urban kitchens

If you want to have both large capacity and more home living space, you naturally need more wisdom.

With a thin box with a thickness of only 550mm and the thickness of the whole machine reduced to 636mm, the Siemens thin double door refrigerator is specially built for modern home environment. In addition to the slim design of the fuselage, combined with the bottom condensation design and active heat dissipation, the installation spacing on both sides only needs to be reserved by 20mm, which greatly reduces the installation area and makes efficient use of the home space. The living room is placed independently, and the embedded cabinets in the kitchen are also beautiful. Play with the space and easily adapt to the simple life.

Large storage space, you don’t have to worry about hoarding goods

502l large capacity storage space can easily meet the fresh food storage needs of the family, meet more food imagination, and live a carefree life at home. The panoramic opposite door opens up a wide space, and large food materials can be easily put in at a glance.

Fine temperature control, uniform refrigeration, three-dimensional space classified fresh storage

The secret of keeping food materials fresh is actually very simple. Knowing how to arrange different types of food materials at the appropriate temperature can help them better maintain their original appearance. The dual air circulation system of the whole machine adopted by Siemens slim double door refrigerator allows the air conditioner to be distributed from top to bottom, greatly improving the fresh-keeping effect. The non-interference partition design of freezing and refrigeration also allows different food materials such as fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk, cooked food, seafood, meat and wine to find their own independent space, so as to help you easily realize accurate temperature control and control a wonderful and fresh life.

Siemens slim pair of door refrigerators not only meet the fresh-keeping needs of daily food materials

With the air-cooled and frost free design of Siemens slim open-door refrigerator, it can also eliminate excess moisture in the refrigerator, avoid frost troubles, save worry in maintenance and cleaning, make the fresh-keeping effect more lasting and enjoy a natural and fresh life.

Life is full of unknowns every day. Being prepared is the king. Siemens refrigerator not only meets the fresh-keeping needs of daily food materials, but also interprets more fresh possibilities brought by innovative technology for consumers in the spirit of breakthrough and exploration, calmly facing various emergencies and leading the “fresh” future. Help you enjoy your fresh life and enjoy the good taste of life at all times.

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