1、 Note:

1. The S7 communication between S7-200 smart CPU and S7-300 / 400 CPU has not been officially tested by Siemens. This document is only for customer’s test, and any danger caused by using this communication mode shall be borne by the customer himself!

2. S7-200smartplcv2.0 only supports put / get communication, v1.0 CPU needs to upgrade firmware to support put / get.

3. If S7-300 uses CP communication, it needs to use standard or advanced communication module, which is not supported by cp343-1lean module.

4. S7-300 side programming is needed to call put / get instruction.

5. According to the communication interface (integrated PN port or CP343-1 / cp443-1) used in S7-300, the source of function block is different.

The communication interface is S7 – When integrating PN interface, we need to use put in standard library / Get instruction. The communication interface is S7 – SIMATIC is needed for 300cp communication module_ NET_ Put in CP Library / Get instruction.

2、 The Ethernet S7 communication between S7-300 and S7-200 smart is configured in 300 CPU

one . One 315 – 2PN / DP, 1 S7 – Taking 200 smart PLC as an example, S7 communication between them is introduced. Create a new project named S7 in step 7 – three hundred – SMART。 Insert 1 S7 – 300 stations, cpu315 is inserted into the hardware configuration – 2PN / DP。 Setting cpu315 – 2PN / IP address of DP: 192 . one hundred and sixty-eight . 0 . 1。 After the hardware configuration is completed, the configuration can be downloaded.

two . Open “netpro” to set network parameters and select cpu315 – 2PN / DP, create a new connection in the connection list.


2. Select the unspecified site, select the communication protocol s7connection, and click apply. In the pop-up s7connection property dialog box, check establish active connection and set partn eraddress: (s7-200smartplcip address). Click “address details”, and the pop-up dialog box sets partner’s slot to 1


3. There is no error in compiling the network configuration. First click cpu315-2pn / DP, and then click the download button to download the network configuration.

4. Read data from remote CPU through SFB / fb14 “get”.


five . S7 – 200 smart PLC does not need programming. S7 – The V storage area of 200 smart is in S7 – three hundred / Db1 data block is used in the programming of 400 PLC.

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