PN / PN coupler, order number: 6es7158-3ad10-0xa0, can realize data exchange between two different Ethernet subnets. The PN / PN coupler has two PROFINET interfaces, each connected to a subnet. During configuration, two IO devices will be generated from this PN / PN coupler, indicating that each station with its own subnet has one IO device. In each subnet, another part of PN / PN coupler acts as bus node. Once the configuration is complete, the two parts are combined.

Main attributes:

·1440 bytes of input data and 1440 bytes of output data.

·Up to 16 input / output areas can be used to exchange data with the following virtual modules.

·Pnio controllers exchange data across network boundaries while maintaining network isolation.

·There is electrical isolation between the two profinetio subnets.

·The error on one side of the network has no effect on the other side of the network, but it can be diagnosed on the other side of the network.

·Redundant power supply.

·When using “iomodules” module operation mode, enter the status information of user data.


Components and interfaces:


Communication configuration:

Use botu software to configure pN / PN coupler, and explain the configuration mode of CPU in the same project: this question uses cpu1512c-1pn to connect pN / pncouplerx1 end, and cpu1516-3pn / DP to connect pN / pncouplerx2 end;

1. Open the network view, find “network component gateway” in the directory on the right, drag pN / pncoupler to the view on the left, right-click part X1 on the left of PN / pncoupler, and select “assign to new DP master / Io controller” in the shortcut menu to connect pN / PN coupler X1 to IO system of cpu1512c-1pn, right-click part x2 on the left of PN / pncoupler, and select “assign to new DP master / Io controller” in the shortcut menu In the attributes of PN / PN coupler, data validity display (DIA) is set for X1 and X2 of PN / PN coupler respectively;


Add a new transmission area and set the IO address of PROFINET [X1] and PROFINET [x2];

pIYBAGAP3waAIM_ CAAKpP1oneq8228.png

Download the configuration, right-click X1 on the left side and X2 on the right side of PN / PN coupler to assign the device name;

2. Data exchange test in the monitoring table;


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