Siemens and Zhuhai tenor Mabo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Tenor Mabo) signed a digital project cooperation agreement to help tenor Mabo build a natural human monoclonal antibody drug digital chemical plant. Based on Siemens’s leading products and digital solutions, as well as full life cycle support and services covering plant planning, engineering construction, production operation and maintenance, and application training, the two sides will build a model project of digital chemical plant in Tainuo Mabo Zhuhai headquarters base, further promote the construction of future digital chemical plants of many of their companies, and speed up the production of natural human antibody drugs Industrialization development.

“Digital technology is becoming a new engine for accelerating the development of Biopharmaceutical Enterprises.” Yao Jun, vice president of digital industry group and general manager of Process Automation Department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., said, “we are very happy to cooperate with innovative technology enterprises such as tenor Mabo to help them realize digital transformation and upgrading in an all-round way, grow into a pioneer enterprise in digital development of pharmaceutical industry, and continuously strengthen market competitiveness.”

Dr. Liao Huaxin, co-founder, chairman and chief technology officer of Zhuhai Tainuo Maibo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said: “as a leading enterprise in the digital field, Siemens continuously provides high-quality products and advanced technical service solutions for the society with continuous technological and management innovation. I very much look forward to the combination of Siemens’ strong strength in the digital field and tainomabo’s innovative technology in the field of natural human antibody. Through digital upgrading, we can accelerate the development and application of new natural human antibody drugs, jointly promote the rapid development of monoclonal antibody drugs in China, and benefit the majority of patients as soon as possible. “

According to the agreement, Siemens will provide digital solutions including MES, SCADA and limis, as well as electrification solutions for industrial network and network security, intelligent instrument and intelligent electrical, etc. to help Taino Mabo complete the implementation and construction of digital enterprises. Siemens will also provide top-level design for the construction of intelligent factory for Tenor Mabo, and systematically plan the future direction of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, including helping it to establish enterprise R & D management system, laboratory management system, intelligent decision-making system, etc., so as to lay the foundation for its intelligent production.

Tenor Mabo is an innovative biotechnology enterprise which mainly focuses on the research and development of original natural human antibody drugs and the provision of corresponding scientific and technological services. It has the latest patented biotechnology hitmab? To explore the discovery, development and commercialization of natural human monoclonal antibodies, more than 10 new natural human monoclonal antibodies have been found for infectious diseases and tumors.

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