On August 3, us time, siddisplay week 2020 virtual show, the world’s most influential professional event in the field of display, was held for the first time in the form of online exhibition. BOE (BOE) printing OLED, flexible display, miniled, bdcell, total reflection LCD and other innovative display technologies and applications made a spectacular appearance, showing innovative technology in the form of shocking video, making visitors around the world feel the charm of cutting-edge technology.

Sid 2020 online exhibition: BOE display technology and application show the charm of cutting edge technology

At present, miniled is popular and has become one of the most popular technologies in sid2020 online exhibition. In the field of miniled, BOE (BOE) has demonstrated 75 inch 8K and 27 inch 4kmini LED products. Through the glass based miniled backlight and HDR (high dynamic display range) technology, the display effect has been greatly improved. The peak brightness can reach 1500 nits, and the contrast can reach 1000000:1. The more gorgeous color performance makes people experience a very powerful visual experience.

BOE 75 inch 8kmini LED products

BOE (BOE) bdcell display products, which were previously awarded the best display product award of the international information display Society (sid2020), were also on display. As a new breakthrough in display technology, BOE shows a series of products such as 110 inch 8kbd cell, 75 inch 8kbd cell, 98 inch 4kbd cell, and 3.5 inch bdcell VR. BOE (BOE) bdcell display has pixel level ultra-fine light control, which can realize million level ultra-high contrast and 12 bit color depth experience, and perfectly restore the natural and pure picture. At present, BOE bdcell technology is not only applied to high-end TV products, but also gradually expanded to display, vehicle display, wearable products and many other display fields.

At the sid2020 online exhibition, BOE (BOE) demonstrated the world’s first 55 inch 8K printed OLED display. By adopting the world’s leading RGB full printing technology and oxide process, BOE can perfectly present 8K ultra high definition image quality and become an important technology direction of large size OLED. At the same time, BOE (BOE) also launched 14 inch, 17 inch and 30 inch products in the field of printing OLED, continuously promoting the development of inkjet printing OLED technology.

In addition, BOE (BOE) has also brought flexible AMOLED innovative display products that can be folded and crimped, showing the unlimited application space of flexible display; it has a 360hz high refresh rate laptop display screen, which can fully meet the rapid response needs of users playing games and watching videos; it can be applied to total reflection display in e-books, tablet computers, bus stop signs, outdoor display and other fields Display technology, to bring people more healthy and environmentally friendly display solutions.

Innovative technologies emerge in an endless stream, making innovative applications more exciting. BOE (BOE) brings the world’s leading technology and better experience of innovative display products and solutions, so that people can experience a more exciting “vision” world and make the intelligent life full of infinite possibilities.

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