Recently, Sichuan Mobile and Huawei completed the first hybrid network transformation of HSS and regional UDM in the current network, marking that 2 / 4G users carried by HSS in Chengdu current network support smooth migration to regional UDM, and regional integrated UDM has the capacity of 4 / 5G user scale number distribution and rapid development of 5g users.

Sichuan Mobile realizes the hybrid networking transformation of HSS and regional UDM, and works with Huawei to promote 5g commercial progress

After Sichuan Mobile completed the deployment of the 5gsa commercial core network with the largest service area in the world at the end of September 20, Sichuan Mobile and Huawei once again promoted the progress of 5g commerce, and has realized the carrying of users under the hybrid network of existing network HSS and regional UDM and opened up the 5gsa business. The regional integrated UDM supports 4G users to use 5g services without changing cards or numbers. The HSS / UDM hybrid network realizes the automatic on-demand migration of user data without manual cutover without changing the current network signaling, and consumers do not experience 5gsa innovative services.

At present, Sichuan Mobile has more than 6 million 5g package customers, and more than 20000 5g base stations have been built; Among them, Chengdu has more than 10000 5g base stations, taking the lead in realizing 5gsa / NSA dual-mode networking in the province; Fully implement the “5g + pilot” plan, promote the extension of “5g + X application”, promote 5g to integrate into all industries and serve the public, carry out a number of 5g application practices in 109 scenes in 15 sub industries, and create the first place in China in many fields!

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