XR series provides reliable, high-performance and secure vehicle area network, which is designed for mobile mission critical applications.

July 1, 2021 – on semiconductor, which promotes energy efficiency innovation, announced today that, Sierra wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (Toronto Stock Exchange: SW), the world’s leading provider of Internet of things (IOT) solutions, has selected the company’s qcs-ax Wi Fi 6 chipset to enable the Wi Fi function of their market leading XR series multi network 5g router. Xr90 and xr80 HYPERCHARGED routers are designed to provide high-performance and seamless connectivity for mission and business critical applications across 5g cellular, Wi Fi and Ethernet.

XR series embedded in ansenmey semiconductor’s qcs-ax Wi Fi 6 chipset provides first-class flexibility and reliability in 5g and Wi Fi radios, and intelligently connects to the network with the best performance at the right time. Qcs-ax has a single frequency speed of up to 2.4 Gbps and can be configured for dual frequency concurrent operation to provide optimized performance and parallel access point and site capabilities.

Public safety, transportation, and utility applications rely on real-time communications, including video streaming, video offloading, and other data intensive use cases, to ensure safety and responsiveness. Having an uninterrupted and reliable connection is essential, as users of sites and sites must make timely decisions based on the information received in critical situations. Mobile routers can be used for mobile applications or primary, temporary or standby fixed wireless connections, from connecting medical devices in emergency vehicles to providing continuous and scheduled remote information backup or critical service connections, etc.

Security is a serious problem in all data transmission. XR series relies on its hardware accelerated VPN for secure transmission, secure startup, unique encryption key and use of WPA3 ™ (Wi Fi protected access 3) protocol adopts multi-layer end-to-end security to protect data from equipment to cloud, so that customers can reduce security risks in deployment.

Tom Mueller, vice president of siale enterprise network products, said: “taking full advantage of ansenmey semiconductor’s Wi Fi expertise, we are proud to launch this new generation of 5g router. XR series provides secure connection, enabling customers to maximize 5g performance in any network, even in the most challenging environment.”

Irvind ghai, vice president of marketing, wireless connectivity and signal processing division of ansenmey semiconductor, said: “the XR series is a good example of the integration of 5g and Wi Fi 6, providing high-performance and reliable connectivity for mobile enterprise applications. We are pleased to work with siale, one of the pioneers of 5g cellular technology applications, to promote the adoption of this revolutionary connection and help improve real-time communication for mission critical and business applications.”

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