Medical logistics robotImprove the anti epidemic efficiency and reduce the risk of cross infection. The epidemic highlights the value of robots.

A fat robot hummed and shuttled in Shunde Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University (the second people’s Hospital of Shunde District). Recently, Shunde Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University (Shunde Second People’s Hospital) introduced medical logistics robots to reduce the risk of cross infection. It is noteworthy that the medical logistics robot “goes back and forth” between the pharmacy and the general fever clinic in the hospital to deliver drugs safely for doctors and patients, which is very efficient.

Shunde Second People's Hospital officially introduced a medical logistics robot

It is reported that the robot with high appearance and numerous eyes is a medical logistics robot recently introduced by the hospital. Its mission is to deliver medicine to the doctors and patients in the general fever clinic of the hospital.

“I have arrived. Please swipe your card to put the goods in”. The reporter saw that after the robot arrived at the pharmacy of the hospital, the medical staff of the pharmacy department approached the robot to swipe the card according to the voice prompt, and put the patient’s prescription drugs into the container of the intelligent robot. After entering the command, the intelligent robot sent out the prompt sound again: “received the task, I’m going to go!” according to the command, Drive away from the pharmacy at a constant speed and arrive at the door of the general fever clinic steadily. According to the hospital, the use of this intelligent robot has become an effective “bridge” connecting ordinary fever clinics, pharmacies and specimen delivery offices.

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