On August 24, at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office of the State Council, Dong Zhiyi, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, described the realistic scene and rich travel experience of taking a civil aviation plane in the future: “Maybe it won’t be long before you can take a plane with a single face. That’s it.” He said that in the future, “passenger travel will have one face”. Through sharing and cooperation between various entities in the industry and with other modes of transportation, the whole process of guidance will be realized. One-click customization of “aviation + service products”, deep integration of civil aviation, tourism, catering and other services.

Dong Zhiyi also introduced that the national aviation population has reached 380 million. In the future, efforts will be made to build “smart civil aviation”. The civil aviation department has covered all areas, processes and elements of civil aviation in digital construction, and further accelerates the process of building a civil aviation country. In the new phase of the plan, “five ones” will be realized, that is, “one face for travel, one order for logistics, one inspection for customs clearance, one network for operation, and one platform for supervision”.

As a leading enterprise in the LED display industry, Shijue Guangxu has always insisted on keeping pace with the times, making plans with a cutting-edge strategic vision, and leading the development of the industry with forward-looking technologies. With the continuous deepening of digitalization and intelligence in the society, the construction of smart airports has become the need of the times. Jueguangxu takes this as a focus, and helps the construction of smart airports by studying smart display scenarios. Up to now, Visionox’s LED smart display has been widely used in the construction of large-scale smart airports such as Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Changsha Huanghua Airport, Zhuhai Airport and Changchun International Airport.

Shijue Guangxu Changsha Huanghua International Airport Project Display

In the application environment of smart airports, the LED display screen of Visionox highlights the application of a new generation of information technology in the field of wisdom. For example, the Lingxiu series of products used in the construction of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport are light, thin and simple, and the heavy design of the traditional iron box integrates the advantages of the existing outdoor display screens, such as high brightness, high refresh rate and high contrast, which can be used in various outdoor weather conditions. Under ambient and strong light exposure, high-definition excellent and smooth picture quality can be presented, and the reliable performance is impressive. In terms of user experience, its performance is also very outstanding. The picture is stable without ripples, and the image is high-definition and high-contrast, so that viewers can obtain high-quality display effects from all angles. .

In addition, in line with the digitization, intelligence and comprehensiveness of smart airports, taking the actual needs of the airport as the starting point, the LED display solutions provided by Visionox are not only for the daily operation of the airport, passenger services, advertising It provides a high-quality visualization platform for business such as delivery, and through the interconnection and comprehensive utilization of the Internet and big data, it breaks the information island, conducts visual scheduling, remote information communication, etc., and optimizes the configuration and circulation of airport-related elements to the greatest extent. It improves the operation efficiency of the airport traffic comprehensive command system, greatly improves its comprehensive business capabilities of command, dispatch, monitoring, emergency response, etc., comprehensively assists the intelligent upgrade of civil aviation airports, builds a bridge of communication between the city and the rest of the world, and builds a better city ​​and country image.

Shijue Guangxu Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Project Display

Facing an important milestone in the intelligent upgrade of civil aviation airports, the functional positioning of airports is no longer a simple basic transportation, but a more data-based and information-based multi-functional comprehensive positioning. As a world-renowned LED display equipment service provider, Visionox will actively embrace changes, continue to in-depth research and innovation, demonstrate its strength with ingenuity and quality, lead the development of the industry with cutting-edge technologies, and rely on LED smart display terminals to achieve the safety and efficiency of civil aviation airports. , the overall improvement of the experience, and make a more positive contribution to the realization of the intelligent upgrade of civil aviation airports


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