Recently, Shihe technology, an intelligent aerial work robot company, announced that it had completed the pre a + round of financing of RMB 35 million in October 2019. This round of financing is jointly led by China Development Group and Yinying capital, followed by Shengshi capital, Jingxin supply and marketing fund, Kexin capital and other institutions. Previously, it has obtained panda capital, angel round of enlightenment star and pre-A round of financing of Baidu.

Shihe technology is using aerial work robots to replace manual work at height

Shihe technology focuses on the direction of high-altitude operation robot, aiming to replace manual high-altitude work with robot. With the vision of “no dangerous work in the world”, the company is determined to provide intelligent special robot products and services for high-altitude scenes. The founding team is alumni of Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Renmin University. The team has working experience and rich entrepreneurial experience in the world’s top 500 enterprises.

In the high-altitude operation scenario, the traditional solution is to use Spiderman, scaffold, hanging basket, high-altitude operation vehicle and other tools. The above scheme is very dangerous and inefficient. In the environment of significantly reducing the demographic dividend, the problem of labor shortage for aerial work has become increasingly prominent. Shihe technology aims at these pain points and uses robots instead of manpower to provide a new solution with high reliability and high cost performance for high-altitude operation.

Aerial work robot is a special robot that combines adsorption function and walking function. It expands the working scene of mobile robot from the traditional sea, land and air to the facade space. The aerial work robot of Shihe technology is essentially a mobile platform in the facade space. It can meet the requirements of detection, flaw detection, cleaning, derusting, spraying and painting in different scenes by carrying the functional upper assembly such as detector, flaw detector, cleaning head, ultra-high pressure water jet, spraying gun and grinding head, and completing the process combination and process planning of the mobile platform and the functional upper assembly Grinding and other specific task requirements.

Based on innovative core technologies such as super magnetic absorbing material and structural optimization design, flexible hinge and surface adaptive mechanism, modular driving unit, facade positioning and navigation algorithm, Shihe technology realizes that the robot has ultra-high load to weight ratio, excellent surface adaptability and independent space operation ability. The above characteristics greatly broaden the application scenarios of aerial work robots.

After years of technology accumulation and market cultivation, Shihe technology is the first to realize the landing application of aerial work robots in shipbuilding, thermal power, chemical industry, construction and other industries, and has become a leading enterprise in the field of aerial work robots in China. The robot products such as ship rust removal, chemical polishing, thermal power detection and building cleaning launched by Shihe technology have significantly improved the current situation of labor-intensive, low efficiency, heavy cost and high risk in the above industries.

With regard to the operation effect and efficiency of high-altitude operation robots, Xu Huamin, founder and CEO of Shihe technology, revealed that manual operation has strong randomness and limited process stability. Robot operation can strictly control various process parameters, so the operation effect of robots is more stable and consistent than that of manual operation. As for operation efficiency, robots perform differently in different scenarios, but the average operation efficiency can reach 3-5 times that of labor, the comprehensive cost can be reduced by 30% – 60%, and the return on investment period is in the range of 1-3 years. Moreover, robots can completely avoid the potential safety hazards of traditional high-altitude operation, with greater added value.

At present, Shihe technology has become a partner of many large state-owned enterprises and central enterprise customers, such as China shipbuilding industry, China shipbuilding industry, COSCO Group, PetroChina, Sinopec, state power investment, national special inspection institute and Zhejiang special inspection institute.

The first batch shipment of Shihe technology is for the shipbuilding industry. Relevant data show that the annual domestic ship derusting business volume is 20-30 million square meters, accounting for 80% of the global ship repair business volume. The traditional ship derusting method requires dozens of on-site workers to carry dozens of aerial work vehicles and hold dry sand blasting guns or ultra-high pressure water guns for derusting. The derusting efficiency is 4-6m / h, the operation cycle is about one week, and the single cost ranges from more than 100000 yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Because the ultra-high pressure water gun will produce great recoil force, there are great potential safety hazards in manual holding. At the same time, there is a lot of dust and noise in the on-site operation environment, so it is seriously harmful to human body. After the ship derusting robot of Shihe technology is adopted, the staff remotely operate the robot for derusting. The derusting efficiency reaches 20-40m / h, the operation efficiency is significantly improved, the single cost is greatly reduced, and the personnel safety is fully guaranteed.

In the thermal power industry, Shihe technology benchmarked Ge inspection robotics and gecko robotics to develop thermal power composite operation robot and thermal power rapid detection robot. Two robot products in the thermal power field, supplemented by the Internet of things cloud platform and data visualization software, provide system solutions for the whole life cycle management of thermal power boilers.

As of April 10, 2020, the ship derusting robot of Shihe technology has served 7 shipyards, with a cumulative completed operation area of more than 55000 square meters, participated in the maintenance of more than 40 ships, and ranked first in the world in terms of cumulative completion and number of completed ships. At the same time, Shihe technology is also the first manufacturer in the domestic ship derusting industry to realize batch shipment and large-scale landing application. The products and technologies in the thermal power field of Shihe technology have been applied in SDIC, and the related products are expected to be applied in small quantities in 2020. In the chemical industry, Shihe technology has obtained the national first process evaluation certification for anti-corrosion operation in the petrochemical industry, and has become a strategic partner of PetroChina anti-corrosion company. In addition, the company has deeply cooperated with Zhejiang special inspection institute on chemical tank weld grinding robot, has successfully promoted two phases of business cooperation, and is expected to realize small batch shipment in the middle of 2020.

Talking about why to invest in Shihe technology, Ma Jianping, investment partner of Zhongguancun Development sailing, one of the leading investors in this round, said: “With the progress of robot technology and the gradual disappearance of demographic dividend, machine substitution will occur in a larger scale and in more scenarios. We are optimistic about investment opportunities in the field of intelligent robots and special robots. The scenes selected by Shihe technology, such as ship cleaning and rust removal, thermal power boiler flaw detection, chemical tank grinding and so on, are just needed by the industry and not friendly to employees. Machine substitution People can not only liberate people from high-risk operation environment, but also significantly improve production efficiency and have broad growth space. The team has solid basic skills and in-depth understanding of customer needs. The industrialization level is at the forefront of the industry. We are willing to help the company realize the vision of “making the world free of dangerous work” as soon as possible. “

Wang Hongwei, partner of Yinying capital, said, “Yinying capital has long focused on project investment in hard technology and intelligent manufacturing. Special robots have solved the pain points of high risk, low efficiency and high cost in the industry, and are a track we focus on. With deep knowledge reserve, technical research and development strength and strong market development ability, Shihe technology has won many competitions in the subdivided field of aerial work robots in China The competitors stand out and take the lead in realizing industrialization. The successive landing of products in different industries such as shipbuilding, chemical industry, thermal power and wind power has also greatly promoted the progress and development of the industry. We are very optimistic about the long-term development of the company and will continue to accompany the common growth of Shihe technology. “

After this round of financing, Xu Huamin said, “In the future, Shihe technology will continue to strengthen the underlying technology in the three aspects of component modularization, operation autonomy and process standardization to provide technical support for the company’s whole product line. At the same time, the company’s product layout will gradually expand from relatively standardized industrial scenes to more complex industrial and civil scenes. Shihe will continue to adhere to the principle of business development “Service operation + product sales” is a two wheel drive, expanding simultaneously in the domestic market and overseas market. It dominates the service operation mode in China and the product sales mode overseas. It polishes products and sets benchmarks through service operation, and uses product sales to achieve rapid and standardized business growth. It drives product sales with service operation and strengthens service operation with product sales. “

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