December 1st, 2016, Beijing —Shide technology company (nyse:keys) recently announced the launch of three new pxie chassis with different specifications and performance. These new chassis include 1) it is the leading 10 slot 3rd generation chassis in the German technology industry, which is designed for high-performance, desktop and R & D applications; 2) It is a cost-effective 5-slot generation 1 chassis and 3) it is an 18 SLOT generation 2 chassis redesigned by German technology, with improved power supply and new features conducive to system integration.

The 3rd generation m9010a 10 slot chassis of Deke technology is optimized for module heat dissipation and high performance. It can provide industry-leading sound power level and excellent slot heat dissipation performance to meet the requirements of high-performance pxie modules. This 10 slot chassis provides an excellent platform for the R & D and application of small channel number. The previously introduced third generation m9019a 18 slot chassis supports the testing of multi-channel and high-performance manufacturing applications, such as MIMO and pa/fem. When used in combination with Shide technology pxie high-performance system module and PC host adapter, the two third-generation PXI chassis have realized a system bandwidth of up to 16 gb/s to connect with external PCs, which is the first in the industry.

  The m9010a 3rd generation pxie 10 slot chassis provides high-performance features including:

• generation 3 backplane with all mixed interfaces, with X8 PCIe link and x24 (dual link) system slots in each slot

• ultra quiet, high-capacity cooling system

• PXI trigger (0:7) is accessible through two front panel SMB trigger ports

• for large system configurations, one key control of multi chassis power sequencing can be realized

• high power capacity supports high performance pxie modules

  The m9005a pxie 5-slot chassis is the best choice for small, low-cost applications, such as VNA systems with low channel counts. M9005a can provide:

• an integrated system module with an X1 cable interface for connection to an external PC

• three mixed slots and two pxie slots

• generation 1, X1 backplane performance

  The m9018b generation 2 pxie slot chassis is a cost-effective platform for building large systems that do not require generation 3 performance. M9018b is an updated version of m9018a and provides:

• generation 2 backplane with all mixed interfaces, with mixed X4 and X8 links in each slot

• high performance cooling system

• PXI trigger (0:7) is accessible through two front panel SMB trigger ports

• for large system configurations, one key control of multi chassis power sequencing can be realized

• the new power supply provides more power for the next generation PXI module

Neil Martin, marketing director of Shide technology company, said, “we are committed to flexibly meeting the needs of engineers by providing a wide range of PXI infrastructure, covering various options from basic to industry-leading high data bandwidth. This small chassis now provides new options, including high bandwidth, third-generation communication backplane, basic performance and lower cost.”

The fast maintenance turnaround time, industry-leading calibration, kernel exchange strategy and standard three-year warranty of Shide technology can maximize the normal operation time of the system and reduce the total cost of ownership.

For more information about Shide technology pxie chassis and controller, please visit www.keysight com/find/pxi-chassis。 To browse product pictures, please visit www.keysight com/find/pxi-chassis_ images。

  About Shide technology Modular Instrument

Relying on the most accurate measurement technology in the industry, Shide technology provides PXI and axie products with unparalleled performance. With the help of the general measurement software and the reference solution of Shide technology, Shide technology helped engineers accelerate the implementation of the first measurement. Shide technology has the largest team of senior application engineers and measurement level calibration center in the industry and all over the world. For more information about the modular test and measurement solutions of xeitech PXI and axie, please visit www.keysight com/find/modular。

  About Shide Technology

Nyse:keys helps customers bring breakthrough electronic products and systems to the market at a lower cost and faster time. From design to simulation, to prototype design verification, production testing and network optimization, it is a comprehensive solution for electronic signal testing and analysis provided by German technology. Our customers cover the global communications, Internet infrastructure, aerospace and defense, automotive, semiconductor and general electronic terminal markets. In fiscal year 2016, the revenue of Shide technology reached USD 2.9 billion. For more information, please visit www.keysight com。

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