The short seven minute performance time of the Shenzhen Branch venue of the 2019 Spring Festival Gala condenses the brilliance of Shenzhen. Every program and every detail of the Shenzhen Branch venue are permeated with scientific and technological elements. The perfect integration of “Guangdong smart manufacturing”, “Shenzhen smart manufacturing” and art, “science and technology + art” shows the moving charm of Shenzhen as a city of youth, fashion, future and science and technology!

1. The sense of future stage dances with high-rise buildings

The main stage of Shenzhen Branch venue is the shape of “future city”, which is integrated with the lighting show of 43 real buildings behind the stage. Heaven and earth are screens, light and shadow are painted, colorful and beautiful. The small stage of the live Spring Festival Gala is integrated into the big stage of Shenzhen city. At this moment, “future” and reality “dance” with the beat of music!. This is the biggest feature of Shenzhen Branch Venue: the city is the stage!


 2. Cloud rail and cloud bus shuttle like a “swimming dragon”

In the neon shining city, BYD cloud rail and yunba are like two “swimming dragons” shuttling freely between high-rise buildings, with a sense of future and science and technology. This is the picture of “future city” in science fiction films, which appeared on the stage of the Shenzhen Branch of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, allowing hundreds of millions of viewers to “touch” the “future city” from the screen.

Sun Bin, general director of Shenzhen Branch of the Spring Festival Gala, introduced that in order to reflect the new image of Shenzhen as the “city of the future of science and technology”, the director group hopes to have a vehicle symbolizing the “future” as a viewfinder element, and BYD’s cloud rail and yunba are the only choice to turn people’s wild imagination of the future into reality.

What exactly are cloud rail and cloud bus? Wang Chuanfu, chairman and President of BYD Co., Ltd., told reporters that after years of independent innovation and research and development, BYD has successively launched small and medium volume rail transit products – cloud rail and cloud bus. They are laid in an elevated way without occupying the right of way, and can be perfectly connected with subway, bus and other public transport systems. It is reported that this appearance in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala is also the first public appearance of BYD yunba.

It is understood that Yungui yunba itself is also equipped with dozens of “black technologies” such as driverless and intelligent deployment. In the future, BYD hopes to build a rail transit network extending in all directions in the air through cloud rail and cloud bus, and jointly build a three-dimensional transportation network of “large, medium and small transport capacity matching and underground ground air coordination” with the subway, so as to realize a rail transit entrance every 300 meters, making congestion a history.

3. How did the whale jump out of the sea?

On the stage, a whale suddenly jumped out of the sea and drew a beautiful arc in the air in the laughter of a crowd of actors! This scene surprised many viewers. It turned out that it was realized through ar Augmented Reality technology, showing the moving scene of people celebrating with nature in coastal cities.

4. The clothes change to the screen, and the colors change according to your heart

Han Xue, Guan Xiaotong, Wang Jia, Wei daxun and the typhoon Youth League brought “youth imagination”. More than a dozen flexible screens developed in Shenzhen are embedded in each dress of the dancers behind them, showing colorful light and shadow.

Each set of “soft clothes” is composed of 32 flexible screens with a size of about 8 inches. The total weight of all screens is only equivalent to half a bottle of ordinary mineral water. In the design, the fast-paced dance movements of actors are also taken into account, realizing the stage clothing wearing effect that cannot be achieved by the traditional display screen.

In addition, multiple screens on each set of “soft clothes” can remotely and wirelessly control video and picture switching through mobile app, and can also play or pause synchronously, constantly changing gorgeous and high-definition pictures with the rhythm of music. Moreover, each flexible screen integrates more than 20 million flexible ultra precision devices, millions of flexible integrated circuit units and nearly 100 kinds of micro nano film materials.

5. Bionic robots dance with actors

At this Spring Festival Gala, six Walker robots selected by the intelligent service robot “national team” made a stunning debut on the Spring Festival Gala stage, and performed the song and dance “youth imagination” with stars such as Han Xue, Guan Xiaotong, Wang Jia, Wei daxun, typhoon Youth League and hundreds of dancers.

The 1.5-meter-tall Walker robot dances flexibly, integrating modern dance and popping pop dance. With the change of song rhythm, the robot constantly changes its formation and forms a triangular formation from a row of walking positions. Coupled with the cute and interesting, changeable eye expression and the mouth dynamic effect of real-time simulation of real singing, it brings a different and vivid experience to the audience and shows the young, avant-garde, vibrant and innovative city image of Shenzhen. The walker robot independently developed by Chinese enterprises has attracted global attention and fully demonstrated China’s hard scientific and technological innovation strength in the field of artificial intelligence robots.

6. Bionic robot arm plays piano with Lang Lang

Ren Xianqi and Zhou Huajian sang “friends”, and Lang Lang led more than 100 piano players in Shenzhen. Nearly 150 white pianos form a piano array of more than 3000 square meters. Under each piano, there is a platform composed of 64 LEDs. The combination of light, shadow and music brings an audio-visual feast. The “Piano city” photographed by aerial photography is so gorgeous and charming!

This time Lang Lang used a red grand piano and cooperated with nearly 150 piano players in Shenzhen in “friends”, from children aged six or seven to the elderly. Beside him, there is a bionic robot arm playing with him as a “mysterious guest”. Lang Lang said that the addition of many scientific and technological elements made him very interested when he heard the idea.

7. Thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles “scattered flowers” and “phoenix flying”

At the Shenzhen Branch venue of this Spring Festival Gala, the stage spherical UAV formation, the outdoor 1000 light show UAV formation and the large-scale flower spreading UAV formation appeared on the stage together. Especially when an auspicious “Golden Phoenix” flapping wing aircraft hovers in the air, its free and flexible flying posture is amazing.

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