On August 16, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and Dajiang innovation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. In the future, based on the original UAV power inspection cooperation, the two sides will carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation in terms of products, applications and talent training, so as to improve the wisdom level of traditional power enterprises and help the construction of smart Shenzhen. Liao Jianping, chairman of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and Luo Zhenhua, President of Dajiang innovation attended the signing ceremony.

Based on the strategic cooperation, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and Dajiang will jointly explore the in-depth application of intelligent technology in all fields of the power industry and improve the safety supervision level of UAVs.

Dajiang will also assist Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau in building a UAV Power Patrol and intelligent application practice base to jointly promote the training of UAV Power Patrol application talents.

Shenzhen and Dajiang jointly explore the in-depth application of intelligent technology in the power industry

This strong cooperation will bring more synergy than expected. The strong technical and talent advantages of Dajiang, as well as the rich resource advantages and application advantages of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, will help to further deepen the innovation and practical application of UAV in the field of power inspection, and jointly promote the landing and development of UAV Based intelligent inspection technology in Shenzhen power grid, Guard the light of thousands of families.

Shenzhen and Dajiang jointly explore the in-depth application of intelligent technology in the power industry

At present, the transmission, transformation and distribution departments of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau have been equipped with multiple Dajiang UAVs, covering Dajiang longitude and latitude M210, Dajiang spirit 4 In recent years, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has realized the daily patrol inspection of UAV and the fine patrol inspection of overhead line equipment, and built a three-dimensional platform based on UAV aerial photography data collection, so as to gradually realize the intellectualization of UAV patrol inspection and the visual management of power transmission equipment.

Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau said that the coordination of strategic cooperation between the two sides will be a new beginning for the two sides to complement each other’s advantages and achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Through in-depth cooperation, make full use of Shenzhen’s innovative advantages, apply the most advanced technology and the achievements of modern scientific and Technological Development to the traditional power industry, and jointly explore, build and expand the application field of UAVs in the power industry, Create more economic value and social value, and realize the win-win of corporate brands and economic benefits of both sides.

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