The cloud summit of 2020 world artificial intelligence conference hosted by Shanghai Municipal People’s government will be held online from July 9 to 11, and about 150 enterprises will participate in the exhibition online. Among them, there are not only industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, iFLYTEK, Shenlan technology and so on, but also new AI deep application enterprises such as AstraZeneca and Qualcomm.

The theme of the conference is “Zhilian world common home”, which is held in the form of online dominated and online and offline combination. Shanghai AI Unicorn Shenlan technology landed on the online cloud exhibition with four main plates. After a new round of business upgrading, Shenlan will focus on four fields: industrial intelligence, agricultural intelligence, urban intelligence and AI biosafety, In addition to the released product series, many of Shenlan’s latest products and solutions will be displayed this time.

At the same time, at this forum, Shenlan will also release an automatic artificial intelligence open platform called metamind to effectively enable industrial upgrading and help the new national digital infrastructure. It is reported that Shenlan metamind automatic machine learning platform is a low threshold automatic AI application construction platform. It is a user independent machine learning platform built by comprehensively using Shenlan’s self-developed technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, image classification, image detection, image segmentation, text classification, text matching, sequence annotation, machine learning regression, machine learning classification, machine learning timing and so on. The R & D team behind the product has won the championship in more than ten world algorithm competitions, covering machine learning, image, natural language processing, voice and other fields. Through Shenlan automatic machine learning platform, users can use champion algorithm to produce AI applications they want according to their own needs.

Shenlan will release an automatic artificial intelligence open platform called metamind

At the meeting, Chen Haibo, founder of Shenlan technology, will share Shenlan technology’s thinking under the background of the fourth industrial revolution, and how artificial intelligence can enable industry, help industrial power, help new digital infrastructure and build a better new life for mankind. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology with deep learning as the core, platformization has gradually become the future value direction of the global AI field. In addition, Chen Haibo also said that Shenlan technology will not only be satisfied with the current scope of application, but will be extended to more fields and directions in the future, cooperate with more partners to establish cooperation in the fields of industry, agriculture and AI biosafety, and promote the implementation of artificial intelligence technology.

It is worth mentioning that at the world AI innovation competition, Shenlan also won the “top ten of aiwin medical track” with its leading medical AI products and virus detection technology. It is also the only medical AI enterprise with portable nucleic acid rapid detection ability in the top ten. Finally, the top three will be announced at the 2020aiwin world AI innovation competition on July 10. Biosafety is related to national strategic security. Shenlan is exploring and moving forward with “artificial intelligence to serve the people’s livelihood”.

From July 9 to 11, 2020, welcome to the cloud exhibition hall of waic cloud summit to experience the intelligent life being built by Shenlan!

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