In 2019, in the expectation of many industries, 5g will be officially opened for commercial use, a technological singularity will come, and a new era will be opened quickly. In this new era, aiot is one of the most powerful concepts, and various industrial giants have begun to layout and release relevant strategies.

On December 27, sharp China’s “8K + 5g Research Institute” officially opened to more than 100 visiting media, comprehensively displaying Sharp’s 8K + 5g technology R & D achievements, mature landing applications and the complete layout of aiot ecology. After the whole visit, we are sure that sharp will become the most noteworthy of aiot enterprises.

Core attributes show sharp showing 8K + 5g complete ecological chain

Sharp, known as the “father of LCD”, has now changed its title – “the father of 8K ecology”. Sharp, which began to develop 8K technology 23 years ago, has not only updated 8K TV products to the third generation, but also completed the layout and evolution of the complete ecological chain of 8K technology. At present, it is building a complete ecosystem integrating 8K camera, storage, transmission, editing and display equipment.

As the top front-end “data collection capability” and “result presentation capability”, this ecosystem will enable a large number of industrial upgrading and future life scenes. At the same time, it will also be the core attribute of Sharp’s development in the next stage. This core attribute is leading sharp and promoting the landing and upgrading of applications in many industries.

Taking sports science as an example, if you shoot athletes with 8K camera, you will benefit from 8K ultra-high definition resolution (7680) × 4320), we can clearly see the muscle texture of the athlete. Through a large number of ultra-high definition image data acquisition, combined with big data and AI technology analysis, we can put forward a more scientific and reasonable training scheme, improve the training quality and maximize the health of the athlete.

Taking the scene of cultural relics display as an example, photos taken with 8K ultra-high definition equipment can maximize the restoration of cultural relics details and make them have more vivid and rich expressiveness, which has inestimable social value for prolonging the time of cultural relics display, expanding its display space and increasing the strength of cultural relics protection.

Sharp’s advanced skills are ubiquitous 8K + 5g

If you only talk about 8K, it’s like talking about a stand-alone game, and the landing of 5g gives sharp the identity of online players. It solves the key problems of transmission and processing after front-end data collection. Like a pair of skillful hands, it connects the aiot ecology carefully laid out by sharp, allowing sharp to complete the role transfer and upgrading. Next, it will face a huge and almost marginal composite market.

On December 23, the 2020 National Conference on industry and informatization was held in Beijing. The meeting pointed out that relying on the industrial Internet innovation and development project, the Ministry of industry and information technology will continue to promote the construction of three systems: network, platform and security, implement the “5g + industrial Internet” 512 project, accelerate the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry, and continue to promote the construction of pilot areas for the innovation and application of the Internet of vehicles, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence.

According to relevant estimates, in 2019 alone, the scale of China’s industrial Internet industry reached 480 billion yuan, which will bring nearly 2 trillion growth to the national economy, which is still under the premise that 5g has not fully released its kinetic energy. Another set of data points out that in 2020, the market scale generated around 8K application fields will reach US $5 trillion, including industrial Internet, academic education, intelligent transportation, security monitoring, medical care and many other fields.

In these fields, sharp already has mature and perfect solutions. In the “8K + 5g Research Institute” of sharp in China, we can see that continuous experiments are being carried out in many dimensions, such as 8K + 5g packaging transmission and decoding playback, 8K on-demand technology under Network IP, 8K picture quality fluency (120Hz refresh rate), 8K camera and 8K industry, Put the effective experimental results into consumers’ daily life and let the technical achievements serve the market, so as to form a virtuous circle. With the high-speed and low delay characteristics of 5g network, the application scenarios of 8K technology have been successfully activated in entertainment, education, security, medical treatment and industrial production, and the 8K ecosystem planned and laid out by sharp will also be quickly completed. In the next year or two, the 8K field will usher in an era of full flowering.

The ultimate form of sharp with increasingly plump wings

If 8K + 5g is the key node for sharp to complete the role transfer, then aiot ecology will be the ultimate ideal form of sharp. As we all know, aiot ecology is built on a huge product matrix, which requires enterprises to have strong R & D and integration capabilities in order to gradually realize this strategy.

In order to realize the strategic concept described as “sharp smart life”, sharp announced that the smart home program officially entered China, and announced the cocoro life purchasable music member platform. Aiot will form the Smart Life smart life business system together with smart business. At present, 331 products of sharp have applied relevant technologies, which is expected to increase to more than 400 by the end of March 2020. These products will further improve the strategic layout of sharp smart home.

Aiot’s ecological layout and landing is a huge battle to compete for the “height and thickness” of enterprises. Sharp has accumulated potential explosive power and enough endurance to fight a protracted war in terms of innovation and R & D, core technology driving force, product matrix composition, ecosystem opening, etc. Internet of all things is an ultimate concept. Different types of enterprises choose different entry points according to their own business characteristics. We dare not say who will eventually lead the bull’s ear. However, from the current starting attitude, sharp, who has stood on the golden track of industrial application, is definitely the one that deserves the most attention.


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