At the end of the year, it is also the most worthwhile time to start TV. In 2019, the TV field is very lively. The competition among the four camps of laser, micro led, OLED and quantum dots is quite fierce, but in the final analysis, it still hasn’t shaken the status of mainstream LCD TV. It is still the backbone of the market and has the “father of LCD” Of course, sharp is a big brand that can not be ignored in the LCD camp. Therefore, at the end of the year, the author recommends a sharp LCD TV that is worth starting. As a veteran manufacturer of TV enterprises, it has always abided by the spirit of 100 years of ingenuity and carefully studied the sharp brand in the TV field, so that you don’t have to worry about choosing TV at the end of the year. Today, the author will recommend a mainstream LCD TV worth starting, which makes you feel that “cutting hands” is also worth it.

Ultimate borderless appearance, more simple

This sharp 70d6ua TV belongs to the ruishang series, which is the product series launched by the old brand sharp, known as the “father of LCD”, focusing on fashion intelligence. This is also the result of Sharp’s re planning of product structure and gradually improving the market layout of LCD TV.

In terms of appearance, sharp 70d6ua adopts a comprehensive screen design without borders on the three sides of the front, which visually eliminates the perception of the human eye on the borders and brings an almost boundless immersive experience with a wide field of vision, especially when the screen plays in the dark field, it can be integrated with the borders. The delicate slim body and avant-garde industrial design complement each other. The appearance is simple and has a strong sense of science and technology. The simple but not simple design style is suitable for all kinds of modern family home styles. In addition to 70 inches in size, it also has 60 inches to choose from. Whether it is the living room or bedroom, different sizes bring the same large screen viewing experience.

AI core enjoy life

Sharp 70d6ua TV has the function of AI far-field voice and can respond immediately. During operation, you can wake it up in the 180 degree range without the remote control. If you want to see a movie, check the weather, find a map, a large screen karaoke, etc., just shout “Xiaoxia”, it can respond to any request and solve the trouble of manual operation. Not only AI voice, AI intelligent light control can automatically adjust the brightness of face changing according to the ambient brightness, which won’t hurt your eyes even when watching football matches at night. At the same time, it can also intelligently adjust TV images through image recognition to achieve comfortable visual effects.

Ingenuity, real and natural picture quality

Sharp 70d6ua TV adopts a new generation of AI bright color technology, which emphasizes the intelligent analysis of each frame, and can automatically adjust the brightness of backlight in each area to achieve high contrast and shape the deep black of truss. For example, when watching the picture of stars, the expression of dark field can perfectly set off the little stars in the sky, Even the backlight lens will not lose the picture details.

In addition, this TV also adopts non-toxic and environment-friendly materials, which can realize the display of ntsc120% ultra wide color gamut, meet the Rosh standard, bring higher color saturation, and pay attention to the reproduction of colorful pictures. Don’t worry about unclear problems when you see the dynamic picture of rapid racing. Sharp 70d6ua TV is equipped with a special MEMC motion scene processing picture to effectively reduce problems such as tailing, jamming, jitter and fragmentation, capture every frame moment in the change and make the motion no longer blurred.

Excellent fidelity of original sound reproduction

With such good picture quality, how can there be less sound cooperation? Sharp 70d6ua TV is equipped with Dolby panoramic sound to create a live sound from its background, especially when watching action movies, it seems to put you on the scene. At the same time, it also supports Dolby and DTS dual decoding technology, and is equipped with sound range expansion and repair technology to realize home theater level surround sound and theater level experience, which can be described as a dual experience of “the integration of sound and painting”.

Does sharp 70d6ua have so many functions that make you excited? The picture quality, sound quality and performance are impeccable. With a 70 inch screen, you have no reason to refuse it. Seriously, as an old brand TV, sharp has been constantly enriching its product line and putting quality first, so as to produce high-quality TV. What are friends who like LCD TV waiting for? Hurry to start this sharp 70d6ua TV.

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