From April 19 to 28, Auto Shanghai 2021 with the theme of “embracing change” arrived as scheduled, and Shangtang technology sensetime, the world’s leading artificial intelligence platform company, made a panoramic appearance with senseauto intelligent cabin solutions. Based on the leading original AI technology, Shangtang technology’s senseauto intelligent cabin solution can provide a variety of convenient, safe and personalized intelligent services, create a full scene intelligent cabin experience, and provide one-stop system level solutions for automobile manufacturers (OEM) and tier 1 suppliers (Tier1). During the exhibition, Shangtang technology, together with great wall wey, Chery jietu, Nezha and other auto brands, demonstrated a number of new cars equipped with Shangtang’s senseauto intelligent car cabin solution, leading the intelligent trend of car cabin as “the third living space”, and driving the continuous upgrading of human vehicle interaction experience.

Since 2018, Shangtang senseauto intelligent cabin solution has cooperated with more than 30 domestic and foreign head partners, and the fixed-point mass production project covers more than 13 million vehicles. Xu Liang, vice president of smart car cabin of Shangtang technology mobile intelligence business group, said at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show International Auto Key Technology Forum, “this achievement not only comes from the advantages of high precision, high reliability and high scalability of Shangtang smart car cabin solution, but also benefits from the high efficiency of Shangtang’s original set of artificial intelligence algorithm development system. Through the open interface, it helps auto enterprises to efficiently access Shangtang technology to their own platforms and shorten the development cycle. In the future, Shangtang looks forward to infiltrating AI technology into more scenarios with its partners to create a full scene era of intelligent car cabin. “

Xu Liang, vice president of smart car cabin of Shangtang technology mobile intelligent business group, delivered a keynote speech

Intelligent upgrade of AI driving cabin to protect driving safety in the whole process

The intelligent cabin can greatly improve people’s driving experience, which has been taken into account by many consumers. At this auto show, Shangtang technology fully demonstrated the senseauto intelligent cabin solution for the first time, including DMS (driver perception system), OMS (passenger perception system), non sense unlocking door, virtual driving partner and in car ar entertainment function. It takes visual perception technology as the core, takes the scene as the guidance, and enables the intelligent application of the cabin.

Wey Mocha, which made its debut in Shanghai auto show, is a brand new flagship model based on Great Wall Motor’s “coffee intelligence” platform. The platform fully integrates Shangtang technology DMS and OMS, and uses AI technology to activate the vehicle’s brain like coffee, bringing a graceful driving experience. According to the user’s requirements, DMS can automatically sense and confirm the identity of the driver after entering the cockpit, and synchronously complete the adjustment of the seat and rearview mirror, so as to save the tedious of self setting. In the process of driving, DMS can not only sense the driver’s driving state, remind the driver of fatigue, distraction, answering and calling mobile phones and other dangerous behaviors, but also sense the driver’s gaze area and line of sight direction, provide non-contact cabin interaction, reduce the touch operation frequency, and improve the driving safety level.

Wey’s new flagship model Mocha, which made its debut in Shanghai auto show, is equipped with Shangtang’s senseauto intelligent cabin solution

In addition, Chery jetty X70 plus Zhuge version, one of the most popular models of jetty, also appeared in this auto show. With the blessing of DMS and OMS of Shangtang technology, it gives users a full range of intelligent car cabin experience, and the children’s perception function has become a benchmark application of intelligent car cabin. In the case of user needs, the function can automatically detect whether there are children left alone in the car when the driver and passengers leave the car, and send a prompt to the parents who may make mistakes in a hurry, so as to avoid causing potential safety hazards. At the recent launch of Chery jietu X70 plus Zhuge new car, Shangtang technology, together with Tencent, Qualcomm, Huawei, Bosch, China Mobile and other industry leaders, has become an ecological partner of jietu’s “military alliance” to jointly promote the innovation and ecological construction of intelligent vehicles.

Jietu smart ecosphere military division Alliance

Continuous evolution of function and quality to expand the innovation boundary of intelligent vehicle cabin

The intelligent development of car cabin is endless, and users’ demands for intelligent services are more and more diverse. In this regard, Shangtang technology gives full play to the advantages of flexibility and expandability of original technology, as well as the rich practical experience accumulated in many different industries, and continuously introduces mature products and solutions to the intelligent car cabin scene, breaking the innovation boundary of intelligent car cabin.

During this auto show, the AI digital human of Shangtang technology, which has been widely used in banking, culture and tourism, education and other industries, came to Shangtang booth as a virtual driving partner. Just one personal photo can create an exclusive image similar to yourself and enjoy the exclusive service in front of thousands of people. This lifelike virtual partner can not only link a variety of car entertainment functions, but also interact with users with vivid expressions, actions and language comparable to real people, so that users can feel the warmth of family company on the way. In addition, Shangtang technology has also created a car entertainment ar solution supporting beauty, make-up and interesting ar special effects photography to help users record beautiful moments in the car.

Shangtang’s “virtual driving partner” makes its debut at Shanghai Auto Show

While continuing to deepen the intelligent scene of vehicle cabin, the intelligent vehicle cabin team of Shangtang technology also continues to promote the construction of internal quality system. Last year, it was awarded by the international authoritative testing, inspection and certification organization Rhein t Ü V group issued aspice L2 (Automotive Software Process Improvement and capability measurement model level 2) certification. The certification sets strict standards for software development and quality control process of auto parts manufacturers. This also indicates that after years of development, Shangtang’s senseauto intelligent cabin solution has reached the international leading level in software quality system, and can provide OEM, tier 1 and other partners with products and solutions with high performance, high reliability and high stability.

In the future, the development of human vehicle interaction will be more situational and non influential, and the relationship and emotional connection between human and vehicle will be reconstructed. Shangtang technology will continue to take the leading computer vision and deep learning technology as the innovation cornerstone, continuously deepen the cooperation with the world’s top industry partners, build more intelligent and diversified solutions, and explore more possibilities for AI technology to enable intelligent car cabin.

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