October 22, 2020 – during the 83rd China International Medical Device Expo (CMEF), the world’s leading artificial intelligence platform company Shangtang technology’s sensecare? Lung CT image aided diagnosis software won the CE certification of the world’s first European Union Medical Device Regulation (MDR) issued by the British Standards Institute (BSI), which can effectively diagnose multiple lung diseases The diagnosis of the disease (including the new crown) was assisted.

(news photo: BSI issues CE certification to Shangtang Technology)

CE certification is the legal requirement of the European Union for the marketing of medical devices, and it is also the certification for the safety and performance of medical devices. MDR is a new regulation issued by the European Commission to comply with the development of the medical device industry, which puts forward higher requirements for the clinical evaluation and testing of products before marketing. With novel coronavirus pneumonia still being raging around the world, Shang Tang SenseCare CT lung imaging diagnostic software has been the first to obtain CE certification in line with the new MDR regulations. It not only means that the product has the qualification to be officially commercial in the EU market, but also proves that the SenseCare CT lung CT imaging aided diagnostic software has been strictly evaluated clinically, which can provide accurate and effective diagnosis for doctors. I want to help you. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and its excellent clinical performance make it a benchmark and pioneer for the global diagnostic and diagnostic assistant products of lung cancer and new crown pneumonia, and lead the innovation and progress of the smart healthcare industry.

Zhang shaoting, vice president of Shangtang technology and vice president of the Research Institute, said: “Shangtang is very grateful for BSI’s full support and affirmation in this CE certification process. The novel coronavirus pneumonia CE certification will speed up the expansion of the overseas commercial layout of the business of intelligent health business of soup and wine, and help to promote the leading AI medical applications to more countries, and help the global medical workers to actively cope with the enormous challenges brought by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Shangtang will also continue to promote the global certification of more intelligent health products and promote the development of human health with high quality and high reliability AI products. “

(news picture: Shangtang technology’s sensecare? Lung CT image aided diagnosis software was the first to obtain CE certification in line with the new MDR regulations)

Sensecare? Lung CT image aided diagnosis software is an artificial intelligence aided diagnosis product launched by Shangtang technology based on leading original AI technology and combined with learning and training of a large number of clinical data. For chest CT images, the product can quickly and accurately locate abnormal lung lesions, conduct multi-dimensional quantitative analysis and risk assessment of lesions, and automatically generate structured reports. It can not only provide intelligent assistance for medical workers with evidence, but also significantly improve the efficiency of chest CT image examination, and become a reliable assistant for clinicians.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak occurred early this year, and the first time of Shang Tang technology was to complete the SenseCare module of CT lung imaging diagnostic software. The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been successfully applied to the screening and rehabilitation work of new crown pneumonia patients in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Hebei and Fujian. The CE certification obtained this time will further help Shangtang to bring Chinese wisdom and experience to global anti epidemic.

In addition to this lung CT image aided diagnosis product, Shangtang sensecare? Intelligent diagnosis and treatment platform also has multiple AI applications such as chest X-ray, heart and coronary artery, liver, pathology, orthopedics, radiotherapy, etc., covering more than 13 human parts and organs. It also opens up the complete process of 3D preoperative planning and postoperative rehabilitation tracking, and can simultaneously support imaging, liver surgery, cardiology, and pathology It has become the industry-leading intelligent medical solution covering the whole process of “diagnosis treatment healing”.

As the first “intelligent vision” national new generation AI open innovation platform designated by the Ministry of science and technology of China, Shangtang technology is actively establishing and participating in the standardization and certification of AI technology and products while continuously promoting AI technology innovation and industry empowerment. With the acceleration of internationalization of Shangtang’s smart health business, Shangtang will further guide the reliable and safe application of global artificial intelligence, and continue to promote the sustainable development of human health through high-quality and reliable AI products.

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