Since the outbreak of China novel coronavirus pneumonia this year, new infrastructure construction (hereinafter referred to as the “new infrastructure”) has become a hot word again, and is considered a new engine for China’s future economic growth. On April 20, the national development and Reform Commission clearly defined the scope of “new infrastructure”, including information infrastructure, integration infrastructure and innovation infrastructure, all of which are closely related to scientific and technological innovation. Among them, artificial intelligence, as a new technology infrastructure in the information infrastructure sector, is known as the “new power” in the digital economy era because of its ability to innovate and reshape traditional industries.

In the manufacturing and transmission process of “new electric energy”, as the first “intelligent vision” national new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform designated by the Ministry of science and technology of China, Shangtang technology undertakes the role of “power plant” of original AI algorithm. At present, Shangtang has more than 20 supercomputer clusters in China, trained more than 3000 different kinds of algorithm models, and successfully helped more than 1000 partners to significantly improve their efficiency. In the practice of industrial layout, Shangtang technology takes the three missions of good governance, benefiting the people and promoting industry as the hub, deeply empowers artificial intelligence technology to industries and scenes, and promotes the intelligent upgrading of the industry.

Improve urban management efficiency

In the process of helping urban comprehensive governance move from “intelligent governance” to “good governance”, Shangtang technology has built a multi scene and one-stop AI urban solution based on the urban scene algorithm warehouse of the urban level open visual platform, integrating AI into the urban governance business process and improving the efficiency of urban management from the aspects of discovery, filing, dispatch, disposal, verification and settlement. In a domestic first tier city where this solution has been deployed, when the system finds a pile of construction waste somewhere in the city and the retention time exceeds 1 hour, the system will automatically alarm and generate a case. Then, according to the automatic order distribution rules of the case, it will be automatically sent to the relevant disposal personnel nearby. The disposal personnel can arrive at the site to clean up the construction waste, upload the disposal results in the system and close the case.

Relying on the support of Shangtang artificial intelligence technology, the system will also automatically identify a variety of violations in the city, such as street illegal operation events, illegal parking of motor vehicles / non motor vehicles, illegal advertising events, uncleared city garbage events, road spillage events, urban fireworks event discovery, drying events along the street, illegal construction events, road ponding events, etc.

Make life experience more intelligent

Smart transportation is the focus issue under the “new infrastructure” and is also closely related to everyone’s life. In the field of rail transit, Shangtang technology has launched the “sensemeter smart rail transit platform”, which can realize the face code intercommunication in the field of rail transit, that is, passengers can choose either face brushing or QR code to enter and exit the station. With Shangtang’s original deep learning algorithm as the core, the product has been specially optimized for the rail transit scene to ensure high accuracy. Under the scale of one million face database, the error recognition rate is less than one in one million.

At present, the products have been implemented in more than 150 subway stations in many cities with tens of millions of people in China, including the whole line of Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 and 14, the whole line of Xi’an Metro Line 1, 2, 3 and 4, and 27 stations of Harbin Metro. When passengers enter the station through the special gate channel, the system can automatically complete face recognition and verification. The application of this function can solve the practical difficulties of some passengers, such as no change, no power of mobile phone, forgetting to bring ticket cards, holding luggage, holding children, making phone calls, etc. at the same time, it also brings convenience to the operation and management of the subway. Its contactless traffic mode can avoid passengers staying and crowding in front of the gate, making the subway traffic safer and more efficient.

Promote intelligent industrial upgrading

As all localities have entered the stage of resumption of work and production, the cultural and tourism industry has ushered in new problems when it is reopened to the public. For example, in museums with relatively closed space and dense visitors, using traditional handheld devices to screen people’s body temperature faces many practical difficulties, which is labor-consuming and inefficient, and it is impossible to report abnormal body temperature to the CDC at the first time.

Shangtang technology and its partners jointly developed a set of “Museum AI epidemic prevention system” with cloud + edge + end integrated management. The system is based on Xingyun intelligent temperature measurement and screening system, a modular AI enabled product of Shangtang technology. It can accurately focus non-contact temperature measurement to the forehead through AI algorithm to achieve high-precision temperature detection and screening. At present, with the support of Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of cultural relics, the four museums of Shaanxi History Museum, Qin Shihuang Mausoleum Museum, Xi’an Beilin Museum and Han Jingdi Yangling museum have all applied this system, opened up the information, and realized the “one network” of public health, safety and epidemic prevention of the Museum. At the same time, in order to better realize the sharing of infrastructure and avoid repeated investment of social resources, the museum AI epidemic prevention system will be upgraded to a social public security early warning system after the epidemic, so as to promote the dual protection of the museum’s public health security and public security management.

“New infrastructure” is an infrastructure system driven by technological innovation and providing services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and integrated innovation. At present, under the background of comprehensively promoting the resumption of work and production, industrial transformation and intelligent upgrading, artificial intelligence, as the core thrust of “new infrastructure”, will play a more and more important role in economic and industrial development. As the world’s leading artificial intelligence platform company, Shangtang technology has always adhered to the leading artificial intelligence technology to bring innovation drive to more than 10 industries such as smart phone, internet entertainment, automobile, smart city, education, medical treatment, retail, advertising, finance and real estate. In the future, as the AI algorithm “power plant” in the era of digital economy, Shangtang will also deliver a steady stream of electric energy to thousands of households and continue to contribute to the society.

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