“You look a little tired. Do you need to navigate to the nearest rest point?”

This warm reminder is not from the relatives and friends in the car, but from the mouth of “Ai”.

Under the wave of intelligence, the car is no longer a cold machine, but a close companion. AI technology is acting as a link of wisdom in this era of “man-machine driving”.

Recently, Dongfeng Honda e:ns1 and GAC Honda e:np1, the two first models of Honda China’s new pure electric brand “e:n” series, have been released one after another, providing users with a new choice of low-carbon and environmental protection.

The “DMC driver state perception system” carried in the whole series of the two models has attracted much attention. Based on the extremely “intelligent” Ai perception algorithm ability of senseauto Shangtang jueying intelligent automobile platform, the system can accurately sense the driver’s fatigue driving, driving distraction and other behaviors, and bring a safe driving experience of integrating people and vehicles and understanding you “intelligently” through interesting and warm human vehicle interaction.

As we all know, Honda Motor has strict industrial process and verification requirements and high quality requirements. Relying on a sound quality system and the ultimate pursuit of quality control, Shangtang has been in-depth road testing with Honda China team for a long time to protect the quality and safety of vehicles.

Through close cooperation with Honda China, in the future, Shangtang jueying will continue to help Honda China’s electrification strategy and expand the application scenarios of intelligent vehicles with its leading full stack solutions.

Break through many corner case problems and make cars understand people better

AI perception technology creates a value experience across people and vehicles.

Based on the built-in infrared monocular camera in the cabin, the senseauto cabin-d Shangtang jueying driver sensing system can real-time sense the driver’s expression, line of sight, posture and action, accurately determine the dangerous driving behaviors such as fatigue, distraction and dangerous actions, and give early warning in time to effectively avoid the occurrence of dangerous situations.

During the research and development of Honda DMC driver state perception system, Shangtang jueying team solved many corner case problems.

When vehicles enter and leave the garage and pass through forest roads, the strong light contrast often leads to “Yin and Yang faces” of drivers, including glasses reflection and large angle side face scenes, which bring great challenges to the perception algorithm.

Relying on the powerful algorithm and computing power support of sensecore Shangtang AI device, Shangtang jueying team effectively improved the robustness of the algorithm through targeted model iteration and resolved various extreme scenarios one by one.

In addition, the system also applies Shangtang face ID technology, which can help users log in to the vehicle account without feeling, and realize various personalized functions and configurations.

AI perception has driven the evolution of the human vehicle relationship from the passive interaction of “people controlling vehicles” to the active interaction of “vehicles actively reminding people”, bringing a new experience of “vehicles understand people”.

Ranked first in the market share of cockpit AI software supplier

With the industry-leading original AI technology, Shangtang intelligent cabin has become the first choice of many automobile manufacturers.

In the “2021 China market passenger car front mounted cockpit AI software supplier trademark carrying capacity” ranking list recently released by the Intelligent Automobile Research Institute of senior engineering, Shangtang ranked first with 94700 vehicles carrying insurance and 15.79% market share.

The wide recognition of the industry is inseparable from Shangtang’s cross industry enabling experience and multi industry collaborative innovation advantages. It integrates more and more intelligent cabin applications into people’s travel life and leads the industry trend.

In the past two years, Shangtang jueying has successively launched the children’s perception function and the cabin crew health detection function, giving the cabin more humanistic care. AI digital people bring more virtual and real fusion, thousands of driving companions, and more emotional elements into the interaction between people and vehicles.

With leading original AI technology, deep understanding of cabin scenes, deep insight into user needs, and cross industry engineering capabilities, Shangtang jueying is moving forward.

In 2021, Shangtang jueying has established cooperation with more than 30 auto companies. By the end of last year, the number of intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit products of Shangtang jueying had reached 23million, covering more than 60 models to be mass produced in the next five years.

In the future, Shangtang jueying will continue to actively build a strong and open ecological circle of friends, and continue to expand the application boundary of intelligent vehicles under the guidance of extremely “intelligent” perception technology.

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