On December 10, the China Innovation and entrepreneurship achievements Fair (hereinafter referred to as “innovation fair”) was grandly opened in Guangzhou. Sensetime, the world’s leading artificial intelligence software company, appeared on the whole stack with senseauto jueying intelligent vehicle platform, and launched senseauto cabin-o Shangtang jueying cabin occupant health detection products. The product innovatively applies cutting-edge AI technology to the field of health detection, which can detect a variety of health indicators of cabin passengers in less than half a minute, creating a new on-board health management experience for consumers. Shangtang technology is committed to using AI to link the new future of smart cars, so that the smart car cabin is not only the expansion of living space, but also a reliable partner for people.

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Fast contactless measurement experience has been designated by domestic well-known automobile enterprises

Safe and healthy driving experience is an important foundation for automobile development. From the emergence of three-point safety belt and airbag, to the invention of ABS anti lock braking system, and then to the application of various ADAS advanced auxiliary driving systems, with the continuous improvement of vehicle safety performance, more and more consumers also begin to put forward more demands for health functions such as air purification and vital signs detection in the vehicle. According to the statistics of J.D. Power, a market research organization, 40% of consumers have regarded the health functions and configuration of cars as important concerns, and on-board human health detection has also become the focus of the layout of many car enterprises.

Based on the long-term and profound academic accumulation and original technical research, combined with the forward-looking insight into the development trend and market demand of the smart car cabin, Shangtang newly released the senseauto cabin-o Shangtang jueying car cabin occupant health detection product at this innovation fair and displayed it on the spot. During application, based on the advanced computer vision algorithm, the system will perceive the user’s face measurement area through AI technology, and the current heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure and respiratory rate of cabin passengers can be measured as soon as 15 seconds. The accuracy of the measurement results is close to the level of special medical instruments, and the contactless measurement method is safer and faster, Help users quickly understand vital signs.

Senseauto cabin-o Shangtang jueying cabin occupant health detection product can also establish exclusive health files for users, record the long-term changes of various health indicators and vital signs, and realize intelligent health management. The product can not only actively detect the cabin passengers during driving, but also be started by the user. Once abnormal indicators are found, the system will automatically give an early warning. In the future, the product can also assist the vehicle emergency call eCall system to more accurately judge the physical state of cabin passengers, so as to take rescue and other measures at the first time. At present, the product has been designated by domestic well-known automobile enterprise customers.

Shangtang has been continuously promoting AI technology to enable the cabin scene. Senseauto cabin has covered a variety of leading safe and humanized intelligent cabin functions, which can not only warn drivers of all kinds of dangerous driving behaviors, but also provide a variety of customized services according to passengers’ needs, such as lost items Intelligent detection of safety belts and safety seats, in which the child perception function is the first similar product in the domestic market. The launch of Shangtang jueying cabin occupant health detection products is another important expansion of senseauto cabin Shangtang jueying intelligent cabin and gives more humanistic care to the cabin.

The whole stack is fully enabled, and AI is used to link the new future of smart cars

In addition to the launch of senseauto cabin-o Shangtang jueying cabin occupant health detection products, senseauto Shangtang jueying intelligent vehicle platform also made a complete appearance at the scene of this innovation fair. Based on the sensecore Shangtang AI device, senseauto Shangtang jueying intelligent vehicle platform covers more than 1400 AI models, fully enabling vehicle intelligence from the vehicle end, road end and cloud.


Among them, senseauto pilot Shangtang jueying mass production intelligent driving can provide different intelligent driving schemes based on visual perception, lidar perception and multi-sensor fusion to accelerate the innovation and landing of L2 + to L4 automatic driving. With its excellent long-distance and multi view perception ability, it has excellent performance in extreme driving conditions such as bad weather, special models and bad roads, and has a variety of intelligent driving abilities such as lane centering, traffic congestion assistance, driver command lane change, high-speed pilot intelligent driving and so on. The models pre loaded with Shangtang L2 + ADAS products are expected to achieve mass production in 2022.

Senseauto robobus ar Shangtang jueying autonomous driving ar minibus, which was elected as one of the top ten treasures of the world artificial intelligence conference this year, also appeared at this innovation fair. By integrating the original L4 level automatic driving technology with mixed reality technology, Shangtang jueying automatic driving ar minibus can not only provide intelligent connection services on specific lines, but also automatically display the introduction of urban development, scenic spot history and cultural sites to passengers at specific locations through smart windows, so as to create an immersive ride experience with virtual and real integration.


Shangtang technology also promotes AI technology’s empowerment of v2x, opens up the information connection of “car road cloud” and makes it an organic whole. The senseauto connect Shangtang jueying road cloud platform displayed on site provides roadside units with all-round intelligent perception, helps traffic management services make effective decisions, improves traffic efficiency and safety, and thus connects different industries such as intelligent transportation, intelligent commerce and intelligent cultural tourism to build a hub for v2x application scenarios.

Since its departure in 2016, Shangtang jueying has accumulated more than 30 customers in the automobile industry and more than 50 ecological partners in the intelligent automobile industry. As of the first half of this year, there were more than 50 models and more than 20 million vehicles designated by Shangtang jueying. Recently, Shangtang has also reached a strategic cooperation with FAW Nanjing to integrate a number of advanced intelligent technologies into the mass production models of the Red Flag brand of FAW Group in the future. In the era of smart cars, consumers have a variety of expectations for the innovation of driving experience. By establishing multi-level cooperative relations with more automobile enterprises, Shangtang will deeply explore different cooperation directions, share development achievements, continuously create incremental value for the industry, and symbiosis and win-win with the automobile industry and ecology.

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