On July 12, 2021, Shanghai – during the just concluded 2021 world artificial intelligence conference, Shangtang education, a sub brand of sensetime, the world’s leading artificial intelligence platform company, made a heavy debut, and released the “meta resource” and “meta ecology” of AI education based on the core product Shangtang education platform. By integrating the “meta” elements of more comprehensive and hierarchical high-quality AI courses on Shangtang education platform, Shangtang education hopes to share the world’s leading AI education resources and capabilities with more teachers, students and partners, and lead them to participate in the practice of AI education, so as to jointly create the “meta ecology” of AI education, promote the sustainable development of AI education and expand the ecological boundary of AI education.

Gao Yan, general manager of Shangtang Education

At present, there are still some differences in Teachers’ quality, students’ quality and educational resources in various places and schools. Therefore, education should “teach students according to their aptitude according to local conditions”, and so should AI education. After several years of optimization iteration, Shangtang education platform has grown into a leading solution in the field of AI education, covering core “meta resources” such as teaching experiment platform, project creation platform, high-quality courses, AI teaching materials, collage robots and so on. Moreover, Shangtang education also officially introduced the open hardware platform of Shangtang education for the first time at this conference, which can be used for teaching, experiment, scientific innovation and competition projects such as python programming, AI sensor application and AI model deployment, so as to help students master AI and intelligent hardware knowledge, and provide a solid foundation for learning industrial assembly line development, thus further improving the “meta resources” The overall framework of.

Shangtang education open hardware platform

The new “meta ecology” of AI education integrates all kinds of “meta resources” in Shangtang education platform in the whole process, so that teachers, students and partners in different stages and fields of AI education can take their own needs and combine freely in the “meta ecology”, form customized teaching courses and products, and realize scalable AI education. Moreover, teachers, students and partners can also share the practical achievements on Shangtang education platform and build a multi-level and diversified “meta ecological” community of AI education.

The six “meta” elements are flexibly combined to customize AI courses freely

“Yuan” represents the origin and foundation. AI education “meta resources” based on Shangtang education platform gathers all-round high-quality resources carefully created by Shangtang education professional teaching and research team, covering six “meta” elements, including AI experience “meta”, AI course “meta”, AI experiment “meta”, AI creation “meta”, AI hardware “meta” and AI teacher training “meta”, giving teachers the soil to flexibly allocate teaching resources according to their personalized needs, Break the boundaries of the original AI education and product system. These rich “meta” elements cover multiple levels of AI education, including AI literacy education at the basic level to higher-level AI professional education, and K-12 to higher vocational colleges and universities, so as to fully meet the needs of all kinds of AI education.

Among them, AI experience “meta” includes a variety of AI technologies such as general object recognition, speech recognition and natural language processing, which can enable students to experience colorful AI applications; AI course “meta” gathers resources such as teaching plan, course manual, teaching courseware, experimental manual and experimental documents. Teachers can create personalized AI course content according to different knowledge points and teaching tasks; AI experiment “meta” involves experimental contents such as programming basis, human-computer interaction and machine learning to realize the transformation from theory to practice; AI creation “Yuan” is mainly for science and innovation, and provides various AI intelligent applications facing real scenes, such as building block programming and python programming, so as to apply what they have learned; AI hardware “Yuan” covers Shangtang Mini programming car, autopilot car, various assembly robots and experimental boxes to help display and application at the hardware level; AI teacher training “Yuan” brings together various demonstration open courses, teaching and research materials, teacher training videos and other contents to support the training and certification of AI teachers.

Combined with the “Yuan” elements of these high-quality AI courses in Shangtang education platform, teachers at all school levels can take what they need and combine freely to form a customized course of AI teaching and help personalized learning. For example, selecting the “image stylization” technology in the “meta” of AI experience, matching the “meta” of AI course with corresponding teaching and research and courseware, and selecting the experimental content of “image processing and spatial transformation” in the “meta” of AI experiment can customize a “Ai image stylization course” and create a new “meta resource”. This new teaching path can enable teachers to create courses efficiently and confidently, and innovate AI teaching and practice methods.

With Shangtang education platform as the core, create an open and create a “meta ecology”

On the solid foundation of Shangtang education platform, Shangtang education further constructs a new open and co creation cooperation mode – AI education “meta ecology” with the help of teachers, students and many partners, so that teachers, students and partners can gradually become practitioners, contributors and promoters of AI education “meta ecology” from users of AI education “meta resources”. Both teachers’ curriculum design and students’ curriculum learning can be based on this ecological model and liberate the teaching imagination through infinite extension.

In Shandong, the teachers of No. 3 middle school in Laoshan District, Qingdao customized the subject integration lesson of “Ai + mathematics” with the help of Shangtang education platform according to the local learning situation, drew polygons in a visual way, and guided students to explore external angles, internal angles and formulas. Compared with traditional teaching, the customized course has more targeted to stimulate students’ interest, effectively cultivate students’ scientific inquiry thinking and calculation thinking, and improve students’ ability to integrate theory with practice and analyze problems from multiple angles.

Based on Shangtang education platform, Shangtang education also cooperates with partners to incubate “meta products” with high expansibility and innovation based on the “meta ecology” of AI education, so as to further upgrade and optimize Shangtang artificial intelligence education solutions. Among them, the newly released Shang Xiaoming’s AI robot integrates various visual, voice and natural language processing algorithms, which can assemble and combine robots with different shapes to improve students’ ability to solve practical problems with AI products.

Newly released AI robot built by Shang Xiaoming

Dai Juan, general manager of Shangtang education products, said, “In the” meta ecology “of AI education based on Shangtang education platform, teachers can carry out curriculum design according to teaching tasks; students can freely choose the required resources for curriculum learning; partners can carry out secondary development of courses and teaching aids. This modular teaching” meta resource “design can better adapt to different regions and different foundations And AI education needs with different goals. “

Dai Juan, general manager of Shangtang education products

Gao Yan, general manager of Shangtang education, said, “a benign ecology is that everything goes with its nature, and uses the paved soil rich in various elements and nutrients to coexist, coexist and develop together.” the “platform is ecology” is to work with partners to create a collaborative, interdependent and symbiotic AI Education ecology. “

Enter the era of artificial intelligence, starting from Shangtang education. As the leader of artificial intelligence education, Shangtang education adheres to the development concept of “cultivating students’ literacy and ability of symbiosis with future intelligence and collaborative innovation”. It will further drive the development strategy of “platform is ecology” of Shangtang education through the “meta ecology” of AI education, and deepen the research and development of teaching products and the construction of teaching services, Contribute to the popularization and development of AI education and even science and technology education.

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