At present, hotels, hospitals, bathhouses and professional washing companies are dealing with thousands of work clothes, linen handover, washing, ironing, sorting, storage and other processes every year. How to effectively track and manage the washing process, washing times, storage status and effective classification of each linen is a great challenge.

Shanghai launches new RFID tags to effectively manage clothes

Can this problem be solved?

The answer is yes. With the introduction of RFID technology, the user’s laundry management will become more transparent, and improve the work efficiency, and solve the management problems that can not be achieved through other technologies, such as: a large number of cloth to be washed statistics, handover.

So what kind of label is it?

I’ll tell you about it. Shanghai news flash announced the launch of a new RFID tag: a smaller laundry tag that meets industry standards.

The laundry label is specially designed for the laundry management industry under harsh environmental conditions. It adopts PPS shell material and can withstand high temperature of 120 ℃, water immersion, pressure and chemical erosion. The label uses 1830x compatible icode Slix chip, supports ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 standards, new 13.56 MHz laundry label, thickness is 2.3mm, and has a 64 bit unique identifier (uid).

In addition, the 13.56MHz RFID laundry tag is widely used, which can provide efficient and reliable identification means. This is ideal for laundry applications, as well as for process and factory automation. The laundry label has anti-collision function, even if multiple clothes are tightly stacked together, a single label can be read, and 50 items can be recognized per second. In HF band, it has a readout distance of 20cm and can be sewn into sheets, clothes and other clothing items. The label can withstand the temperature of – 40 to 120 ℃ and other very harsh environment.

The label will be used in sanatoriums, hotels, schools, private hospitals and other places where large-scale hand sorting of clothing is required.

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