In recent years, Chengdong district has combined culture and technology, and has used big data, cloud computing, Internet plus technology to improve public cultural supply capacity and raise the level of public cultural services. It aims to continuously expand the channels of cultural and public welfare, and strive to build a library’s intelligent service mode, and further promote nationwide reading, so that people can read books with wisdom and create a love for reading. Good social atmosphere for reading good books.

Shanghai Chengdong district makes full use of RFID classified inventory to build library intelligent service mode

This year, Chengdong District invested 2 million yuan to upgrade its library. The district library has more than 30000 books, with a building area of 1500 square meters, including electronic reading area, book reading area, exhibition hall, etc., and has gradually completed the construction of digital library. It has realized the independent borrowing and returning of books through Book Electronic borrowing equipment, the independent disinfection of books, and the classified inventory of electronic labels. The library has also newly set up interactive celebrity wall, reading booth, VR experience, virtual book flipper, e-calligraphy desk, etc., so that readers can enjoy more efficient and convenient public cultural services in the library.

A special activity exchange base for young people has been built, and a children’s reading area integrating reading, self-study, communication, handwork and wish tree has been designed for children, providing them with exclusive reading space. At the same time, we have created a variety of summer children’s activities for them, such as “holding up dreams, painting life” parent-child umbrella drawing activity, “singing the soul of classic tree culture” activity, “a letter” sharing and reading meeting, etc.

In the next step, Chengdong district will further implement the “culture benefiting the people” project, accelerate the construction of modern public cultural service system, and promote the prosperity of socialist cultural undertakings. Taking the District Library as the basic unit, focusing on the town (street), village (community) cultural activity room, and 24-hour city study, the construction of the general branch library system of the district library will be promoted according to local conditions, Through the general branch library system, we will extend high-quality public cultural services to towns and villages, increase the supply of public cultural products and services, constantly meet the basic cultural needs of the people, and make positive contributions to the construction of a high-level green development model city and a happy Xining in the new era.

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