On February 13, at the art examination site of Shandong Academy of Arts and crafts, sun Lei, director of the school’s academic affairs office and director of the recruitment office, introduced that in order to prevent substitute exams and cheating, the 2019 enrollment examination of Shandong Academy of Arts and crafts used face recognition technology to verify the identity of candidates for the first time. Candidates need to pass the “face brushing” test before entering the examination room. The “double insurance” of face recognition and fingerprint recognition ensures the fairness and impartiality of the enrollment examination to the greatest extent.

Before the exam, the school conducted repeated tests of time and flow of people, and calculated that there would be 8-10 candidates entering the exam in about one minute, which could leave enough admission time for candidates.

The advantages of face recognition system are based on the information collection of art candidates in the province by the provincial recruitment and examination institute, including the complete information such as candidates’ photos, which can be implanted into the face recognition system. As long as the candidates registered for the mountain craft, they can enter the site quickly through face or fingerprint, and make quick comparison, which greatly prevents the criminals who want to take the test as a substitute.

It is reported that after the face recognition system is used, a candidate can enter the exam room in twoorthree seconds, which saves the previous manual verification time and accelerates the admission time of candidates.

For candidates who lack ID cards, staff at the entrance will take the candidates to the place to solve the problems in time for special improvement and adjustment, so as to ensure that the candidates can pass the customs smoothly and enter the examination room at the first time.

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