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What is fashion? It is an eye-catching trend interpretation in the international fashion week, or an artistic connotation inspired by the creativity of designers from all over the world, or even a trend vane worn by you and me. Fashion is just an attitude. We show our unique style and aesthetic pursuit in various ways. Whether it is the street, show, live room, or daily life, it can become an excellent stage to express their own style. Constantly use the lens to record, use photos and videos to share their interpretation of fashion trends, show everyone’s thousands of styles, and everyone can become a unique fashion spokesperson.


The U-disk series of color mobile phones launched by Shandi brand just hope to help all people who love life and fashion freely record their creation and expression attitude, and show thousands of wonderful fashion interpretations for more people!

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Han Ye Yolanda, a million fan blogger who loves fashion and constantly shows you various styles, is also a deep experience user of flash disk. She pursues a colorful lifestyle and the expression of her personality, and also looks forward to sharing her own fashion with more people. Not only are the seasonal new models of luxury brands, the wear and match recommendations of fashion magazines, but also the creative collocations with a smile, or the simple and inexpensive fashion street items worth sharing, just like the “record horizon” of the brand slogan of Sandi, Share the world.

As a fashion blogger, Yolanda not only requires herself to keep up with the trend, but also has strict aesthetic requirements for everything from clothing to accessories, even a small object in life and work. As a popular storage brand in photographic storage, we fully understand the tastes and preferences of these young fashion bloggers, and constantly create storage products that not only conform to their aesthetic pursuit in appearance, but also help them record and share more easily and give full play to their inspiration with reliable performance.


As a fashion blogger who needs to take hundreds of photos and share good content every day, a large number of fashion shows, design magazines and trend information have become the necessary inspiration for Yolanda to create her own “trend series” fashion column. The capacity limitation of mobile devices has also caused trouble for Yolanda in the process of recording creative clothes with photos. She has to regularly delete the photos and videos saved in her mobile phone a few months ago. For her, pressing “delete” is the most difficult step – every shape is her painstaking effort after repeated consideration, and it records her every footprint on the road of fashion blogger. In addition, the fast pace of work and life makes Yolanda need to communicate with different teams frequently. The carrying of these materials and the timely sharing on different interface devices have become her obstacles.


Shandi takes into account the importance of timely retention of rich content and materials for fashion bloggers, so that every blogger can record countless best selves without being limited by mobile phone memory and space. The newly launched flash disk of Shandi Huanxin i-share TM (Zhenxiang version), which is fashionable, simple and textured, has different capacity versions up to 256gb, helping Yolanda not only easily save all kinds of fashion materials and materials, but also shoot hundreds of photos and video materials without occupying the memory capacity of Apple’s mobile phone, Record her creative wear and fashion inspiration.

While helping Yolanda expand its mobile phone capacity, Shandi also noticed that fashion is not a single person’s fight. Behind the blogger’s wonderful blockbusters and works are constant communication and inspiration collision with the photography team. From overall collocation, style selection to venue lighting, it is the result of everyone’s joint efforts. As a dual interface flash disk with lightning and type-C interfaces, Yolanda and the team can easily transfer material content directly between Apple mobile phone and devices with type-C interfaces such as MAC and iPad pro, and no longer worry about hindering the team’s communication progress due to different device interfaces.


For some members of the photography team who use the type-A interface computer and Android mobile phone, the fresh and pink peach color Sandi supreme high-speed cool soft TM OTG USB 3.1 (type-ctm) flash disk has the dual interfaces of type-C and type-a, which can effectively help Yolanda and his photography team to easily store and store data between PC, notebook computer, Android mobile phone and other devices with type-C interface Smooth transmission and access to files, even the high-capacity video file transmission is only a few minutes or so, which saves the photographer team the time to copy shooting materials and film on the computer.


With its beautiful appearance, reliable performance and rich color mobile phone USB flash disk series products that can meet the needs of different interface devices, Shandi constantly accompanies and supports Yolanda’s desire to record creation and share expression. With its new shape and style, Shandi brings new inspiration to people who love fashion, and allows more people who love life to record and share their daily life through their mobile phones, Brave performance of their own unique fashion.


In the era of mobile Internet, generation Z has a more colorful lifestyle, more and more interpretations and interpretations of fashion, and is more willing to keep recording and sharing, showing a real and confident self. No matter now or in the future, Sandi will continue to provide them with convenient and easy solutions to make the transmission between different interface devices easier, and make the mobile phone space no longer an obstacle to recording and sharing, so as to help them continuously explore and burst out new inspiration on the road of fashion, and convey their love for fashion to more people in the world.


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