As a kind of technology which contains quite a lot of knowledge, intelligent robot is almost accompanied by artificial intelligence. And intelligent robot is becoming more and more important in today’s society, more and more fields have intelligent robot participation, which greatly promotes the continuous development of human society. As Professor Zhou Haizhong, a famous scholar in China, said in “on robots” published in 1990, “intelligent robots will play an important role in all walks of life and promote the change of our work and life.” In the field of health care, intelligent robots are playing a more and more important role. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects (taking the application scenarios in China as an example).

In terms of diagnosis

Using intelligent robot technology, doctors can diagnose the disease faster and better. Now the analysis of pathology by intelligent robot is more accurate than that by most experienced doctors. The intelligent robot system can scan thousands of cases and find the correlation between hundreds of variables, so as to find more and more characteristics of diseases and syndromes, in order to provide valuable information and basis for clinical research. The intelligent robot system can realize remote diagnosis through network technology, alleviate the problem of uneven medical resources; the system can also provide high-quality image screening for physical examination institutions, and quickly improve the level of screening and diagnosis. From the perspective of application effect, the large-scale use of intelligent robots will be a development trend of medical diagnosis in the future.

Several application scenarios of intelligent robot in medical and health field

For example, the Intelligent Diagnosis Robot System – “intelligent medical assistant” jointly developed by iFLYTEK and Tsinghua university can screen potential high-risk patients through interrogation, examination, intelligent analysis of illness, or medical record analysis; the system is mainly divided into auxiliary diagnosis and treatment system, intelligent chronic disease management outbound assistant, mobile terminal remote video consultation and other main functions. Among them, the outbound assistant of chronic disease management can greatly improve the efficiency of medical work and provide strong support for medical institutions. The novel coronavirus pneumonia learning database was novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic during the fight against new crown pneumonia (CN). This greatly enhanced the knowledge and disposition of epidemic prevention and control among primary health care workers.

In terms of disinfection

At present, there is a high risk of cross infection and multi drug resistant bacteria infection in many hospitals. If the hospital infection control (HAI) is not properly controlled, it is easy to cause the outbreak of nosocomial infection. With intelligent robot as the carrier, integrating the spray disinfection system and the ultraviolet disinfection system, combined with the characteristics of intelligent mobile and autonomous work of the mobile robot, the intelligent robot can realize the automatic regional spraying disinfection of the disinfectant and the fast sterilization of ultraviolet radiation. The use of intelligent robot can achieve the separation of man-machine in the disinfection process, all-round disinfection without dead angle, reduce the occupational injury of epidemic prevention practitioners, and quantify the management of each disinfection process, so as to improve the level of disinfection and hospital management.

Several application scenarios of intelligent robot in medical and health field

For example, during novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the intelligent robot developed by Shanghai titanium robot Limited by Share Ltd has been working in the key hospitals of Wuhan Central Hospital, Concord Hospital and Zhongnan Hospital. This intelligent robot can automatically identify and select the disinfection method according to the environment. Taking Xiehe Hospital as an example, the intelligent robot mainly disinfects two areas: one is the isolation ward area, and the other is the buffer zone for medical staff to the isolation ward; when there are people in the target area, the high-level disinfection method of hypochlorous acid + hydrogen peroxide + plasma is adopted in both areas; when there is no one, the multi-directional 360 degree ultraviolet disinfection method is adopted.

In terms of guidance

Now many hospitals use intelligent robots as consultants to save labor costs, improve the efficiency of guidance, increase the efficiency of the hospital, and improve the image of the hospital. Intelligent robots can provide patients with guidance, pre triage, health education, hospital introduction and other services, realize the reasonable diversion of patients, and let patients enjoy a new experience of intelligent medicine. They have the function of intelligent memory, which can answer questions in turn according to the order of asking questions, and can make eye contact and physical interaction with people; they can also provide high-quality human-computer interaction services through dialogue and semantic understanding with patients, and realize the function of diagnosis and guidance in the hospital, which greatly facilitates the patients’ medical treatment.

Several application scenarios of intelligent robot in medical and health field

For example, in the hall of Airport Hospital of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, Xiaoyi, an intelligent guidance robot, has officially taken up the post, and the hospital has become the first hospital in Tianjin to introduce intelligent guidance robot. Since then, the intelligent guidance robot has been put into use in other hospitals in the city, and patients have experienced the convenience and quickness of intelligent medical treatment. This intelligent robot adopts human-computer intelligent interaction technology, which can communicate with patients through natural interaction methods such as voice, image, gesture, etc. Intelligent robot can help patients to see a doctor better and faster, so as to improve the service quality of the hospital, promote the improvement of patients’ medical experience, and improve the satisfaction of patients and society.

In terms of nursing

The hospital no longer needs a large number of medical staff, intelligent robot can replace the work of most medical staff; it does daily vital signs examination for patients, takes care of all kinds of patients, including feeding patients, daily care, even defecation and so on. In addition, the global population has shown an aging phenomenon, and the traditional professional nursing and auxiliary personnel can no longer meet the growing demand gap; some developed countries have developed many intelligent nursing robot products to provide services for the elderly. In recent years, some intelligent nursing robots have been developed in China, which are very popular in the market.

Several application scenarios of intelligent robot in medical and health field

For example, the intelligent robot independently developed by Guangdong iridium Intelligent Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has become a practical high-end nursing product in China. This intelligent robot belongs to intelligent service robot. It can make the elderly, especially the elderly patients, no longer have to trouble the nursing workers, children’s frequent changing clothes, cleaning the urinal, etc., and no need to worry about their long-term bedridden drag on the family, no longer have physical and mental pressure, which is conducive to their physical recovery. Intelligent robot can make nursing get rid of the exhausted predicament, make nursing no longer dirty, avoid ethical embarrassment, maintain the dignity of the disabled, and reduce the economic burden and worries of family members.

In the context of the new infrastructure, the development of medical intelligent robot is undoubtedly more concerned. With the development of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and other technologies, the ability of intelligent robots in the field of medical and health will be greatly improved in the future, and more and better services will be provided for people. There is no doubt that great changes will take place in the field of medical and health with the help of intelligent robots.

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