September 24, 2021 – Meixin semiconductor, the world’s leading MEMS product company, announced that it will officially launch a new brand vision in the world from now on, and announced a new logo style to shoulder a new mission and write a new chapter with the image of “xinmeixin”!

At the beginning of 2020, Meixin semiconductor was split into an independent new company, which opened a new page in the history of Meixin. Since this year, Meixin semiconductor has introduced a new management team, planned a new vision, re established and implemented a new strategic line, introduced outstanding talents, integrated and developed new technologies, and introduced billions of yuan of financing. It has emerged in the semiconductor industry with a new image of “new Meixin”.

  • In 2020, the capacitive sensor technology will be successfully deployed and become the leader of capacitive accelerometer in China;
  • In 2020, the shipments of geomagnetic products ranked second in the world
  • In 2021, it entered the TWS headset and wearable tablet market, successfully launched a new generation of ultra-low power geomagnetic and Hall sensors and entered mass production
  • In 2021, AMR geomagnetic products, capacitive accelerometers and thermal accelerometers occupy a pivotal position in the smartphone and IOT markets
  • In 2021, sales reached record highs, with a year-on-year increase of 158%

Looking back on history, Meixin, with a history of more than 20 years, has laid a solid technical foundation. Now, the dynamic “new beauty and new” is running forward vigorously to open up a new future and create new milestones!

Dr. Chun Xing, CEO of Meixin semiconductor, said: “Meixin has carried out strategic upgrading in 2020, including broadening its product line and deepening its IDM model. Over the past year, Meixin has entered a period of rapid development. Today, Meixin is a new Meixin, shouldering a new mission and holding a greater dream in” independent innovation + inorganic development ” Under the guidance of its strategic direction, Meixin is determined to become an IDM and unicorn enterprise in China and even the global MEMS industry. We hope that through this brand image upgrade, Meixin will truly show its new style of innovation, inclusiveness and lofty ambition, and walk at the forefront of the world with a new image. “

Interpretation of the new logo of Meixin semiconductor:

The new logo adopts a brighter and scientific green, which looks more concise and modern as a whole. The round font shows the integration of Meixin with the world and all things. The whole logo is flexible and full of moral meaning, which perfectly interprets the vision of Meixin: perceiving everything – the conductor of the digital physical world.

The letter S in the logo is given three meanings:

  • First of all, s is the initial letter of sensor, which represents the main product of Meixin semiconductor – sensor
  • Secondly, s stands for the plural, which means unlimited possibilities, which means that Meixin sensors can not only have rich and all inclusive categories, but also create unlimited possibilities
  • Finally, the s letter is also an abstract figure of the chain, representing connection, implying that Meixin is the connection between the physical and digital world

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