At the construction site of Zhangbei converter station of renewable energy flexible DC power grid test demonstration project, the construction scope is clearly circled by the colored flag flying in the wind, the civilized construction notice board and safety warning board are hung in an eye-catching position, and the construction personnel and supervisors are busy and orderly guiding the construction of large excavators and pile drivers on the site. With rhythmic rhythm, a song of workers played on the first line of serving the “zero carbon Winter Olympics”.

With the closing of the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, the world’s ice and snow event has entered “Beijing time”. On April 22, the State Grid Corporation of China and the Hebei provincial government signed the framework agreement on power grid construction cooperation for the 2022 Winter Olympics, making a resounding commitment to fully serve the “zero carbon Winter Olympics”. As a key unit undertaking the power supply of the Winter Olympic Games area, State Grid Jibei Power Co., Ltd. closely tracks the infrastructure construction of the Olympic venues and the overall development of the competition area, comprehensively combs and analyzes the planning, construction and operation status of Zhangjiakou competition area and surrounding power grids, and focuses on building the “six major projects” of the supporting power grid for the Winter Olympic Games. The power guarantee work of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has officially changed from “planning and construction” to “comprehensive construction”.

“Zero carbon Winter Olympics” highlights the full foundation of clean development

In Zhangbei County, Hebei Province, which is more than 200 kilometers away from Beijing, there is a plateau with unlimited “scenery”. There, wind turbines stand tall and graceful, and rows of solar photovoltaic panels are shining. “Scenery” has been transformed into “energy food” to promote development in the world’s first comprehensive new energy demonstration project integrating wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage system and intelligent transmission, which is continuously transported out through silver lines to benefit the distance.

Zhangjiakou is rich in renewable energy resources, and the installed capacity of new energy that has been developed and planned to be developed is huge. It is estimated that the installed capacity of new energy in Zhangjiakou will reach 20 million KW by 2020. Facing the “treasure” of resources, the State Grid northern Hebei electric power gives full play to its regional advantages, deeply excavates the development potential of new energy, and strengthens the tackling of key technologies in key fields, so as to give full backing to clean development.

Looking at Zhangjiakou, it is an unattainable goal to achieve “zero carbon” in all fields. However, in the State Grid Corporation of China, in the face of the commitment of “zero carbon Winter Olympics”, the State Grid Hebei electric power is full of confidence.

On February 28, just after the Spring Festival, the construction site of Zhangbei renewable energy flexible DC power grid test demonstration project was already in full swing. On this day, the State Grid Corporation of China organized a mobilization meeting for the commencement of Zhangbei flexible DC project, marking the official commencement of the flexible DC project with the highest voltage level and the largest transmission capacity in the world. At the branch venue of Zhangbei converter station, dozens of red flags fluttered in the wind and were magnificent. All kinds of large construction machinery were lined up and ready. The construction team composed of more than 200 people was assembled and ready to go.

The construction of the world’s first four terminal ring flexible DC power grid to transmit large-scale wind power, photovoltaic, pumped storage and other energy can effectively solve the problem of renewable energy transmission and consumption in Zhangbei, promote the intensive development of large energy bases and the efficient utilization of clean energy, improve the transmission and acceptance capacity of clean energy in the north of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and provide high-quality services to the power demand for the green winter Olympics in 2022. As the main construction management unit, State Grid Hebei electric power has overcome a series of complex problems such as tight construction period, large scale and high cold in winter, and made great efforts to highlight the role of northern Hebei in demonstration and guidance. Liang Ji, director of the company’s development planning department, said: “after the project is put into operation, it can realize the multi-point collection and delivery of large-scale renewable energy, the efficient utilization and flexible consumption of clean energy, the coordination and friendly interaction of the source network of renewable energy power generation, solve the problems of” not up “,” not delivering “and” difficult consumption “of clean energy, and comprehensively support the development of new energy in Zhangjiakou and the green and low-carbon power supply in Yanqing competition area of the Winter Olympic Games.”

In recent years, the State Grid North Hebei electric power has intensively cultivated Zhangjiakou, an excellent “experimental field”, and has produced waves of fruitful results. A series of key technologies, such as virtual synchronous machine, large-scale grid connection of new energy and echelon utilization of energy storage batteries, have achieved significant scientific research advantages, achieved major breakthroughs and gradually held a leading position in the world.

“Four nines” and “five nines” ensure safe and reliable power supply

Zhangjiakou Power Grid undertakes the important task of “power transmission from west to East” and new energy transmission. Affected by the geographical location and power grid structure, the connection between the 500 kV power grid in this region and the power grid in Zhangjiakou competition area of the Winter Olympic Games is relatively weak, and there is a bottleneck in power supply support. According to the load forecast of Zhangjiakou Chongli Olympic Games area by professional technicians, Chongli area will reach 9 times of the existing load during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Ensuring the high reliability of power supply in the Olympic Games area is the main principle of the “zero carbon Winter Olympics” of the power service in northern Hebei of the State Grid. As for high reliability power supply, the State Grid Hebei electric power gave the clearest and most intuitive explanation: the power supply reliability in the Olympic Games area reached 99.999%, and the power supply reliability of Chongli urban system reached 99.99%. The goals of “five nines” and “four nines” need to build a strong and reliable main grid and a flexible and intelligent distribution network.

In order to improve the 500 kV power supply support level of the regional power grid and meet the requirements of high reliability power supply, the State Grid North Hebei Power will focus on strengthening the upgrading of the main network frame in Zhangjiakou, and build Jiefang 500 kV power transmission and transformation project, hongqiying and guyangshu 220 kV power transmission and transformation project, as well as a series of 220 kV transmission lines to form a 220 kV double loop power supply structure. “After the completion of the project, the newly-built Jiefang station, the existing Wanquan station and Zhangnan station will form a 500 kV high reliability power supply network in the Olympic Games area and break the bottleneck of power supply support.” Lei Weimin, deputy director of the State Grid Hebei electric power Winter Olympics office, said confidently, “in this way, the Olympic Games area will be powered by dual 500 kV power supplies. If a single power supply fails seriously, it can still ensure the normal power supply during the Winter Olympics.”

The distribution network is the end of the power grid, which is directly connected to the major venues in the Winter Olympic Games area, and its role is very important. “As early as 2016, the State Grid Hebei electric power has made a lot of exploration on the construction of intelligent distribution network.” Qin Chaoyun, director of the operation and maintenance department of the company, said, “at present, the construction project of intelligent distribution network demonstration area has been launched in Qinhuangdao area, which has the advantages of network structure optimization, power supply capacity improvement, obvious demonstration effect and innovative management mode. Now we have summarized a set of experience and practices that can be used for reference, copied and popularized, and are ready to be applied in Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic special area.”

During the Olympic Games, the State Grid Hebei electric power will adopt the structure of “double ring network + connecting ring network unit” to ensure the four-way power supply of important venues and media centers, cooperate with the “information and automation” fault handling method, improve the fault research and judgment level of distribution network, improve the equipment operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce the rush repair time and realize high reliability power supply.

Serving and benefiting the people, adhering to the purpose of “people’s power industry for the people”

Dongyaozi town in the northwest of Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou City is a small town with a land area of only 90 square meters and a permanent population of 13800, which governs 19 administrative villages. However, when the spring breeze of the Winter Olympics blows here, green development and serving the people have become a hot topic often mentioned by villagers.

“In the past, we used to use coal-fired boilers for heating. The thick black soot seriously polluted the air, and there was black coal ash in our window frames.” Li Xianwen, a villager of dongyaozi village outside the mouth of Zhangjiakou City, said, “now, the temperature in the house is always 25 degrees, 5 degrees higher than the hottest time in previous years. The home is clean and the sky is bluer!” In the first heating season after “coal to electricity”, Li Xianwen praised this clean and efficient heating method.

Now, dongyaozi town has become a “provincial renewable and clean energy demonstration village”. The heat storage electric boiler central heating project promoted by the State Grid North Hebei electric power is the country’s first electric energy substitution demonstration project to participate in market-oriented transactions. The innovation of the project adopts the PPP business operation mode, which effectively solves the problem of insufficient funds for government investment in public services, and the environmental protection effect and demonstration effect are remarkable. Combined with the environmental protection characteristics of existing coal-fired boilers and water sources in the administrative jurisdiction of dongyaozi town government, the company actively promotes dongyaozi town government to carry out clean energy heating reconstruction of scattered coal-fired heating communities, enterprises and institutions and new energy-saving buildings within the jurisdiction, actively serve the people’s livelihood, and strive to build a clean energy and environmental protection town. The corporate purpose of “people’s electricity industry for the people” is best reflected here.

“At present, the clean heating work in Zhangjiakou is gradually being promoted. By 2019, we will be able to realize the clean heating along the Winter Olympic welcome corridor, the competition area and the Chongli Winter Olympic logistics support base; by 2021, we will realize the clean heating of Chongli District, Xuanhua District, Xiahuayuan District and Huailai County of Zhangjiakou – ‘three districts and one county’.” Lei Weimin said.

Relying on the “rich resources” in Zhangjiakou, the State Grid North Hebei Power communicated with Zhangjiakou Municipal government, actively promoted the local market-oriented consumption of renewable energy, cooperated to establish a renewable energy power trading platform, and explored and constructed a “four party cooperation mechanism” of “government + power grid company + enterprise + user”. In the heating season from 2017 to 2018, the total trading power was 134 million kwh, which effectively reduced the energy consumption cost of electric heating users, improved the consumption level of renewable energy, and realized the win-win of enterprise operation benefits, social environmental protection benefits and users’ livelihood benefits.

In addition to clean heating, State Grid Hebei electric power fully considers the travel needs of athletes and tourists during the Winter Olympic Games, and closely combines the road traffic and urban development planning of Zhangjiakou to create an interconnected vehicle network, so as to achieve full charging coverage and arbitrary tram travel. “In 2018 alone, we are going to build 150 electric vehicle charging stations and 1223 charging piles, and strive to build a group of electric vehicle charging stations in the Olympic special area.” Du Weizhu, director of Hebei North Power Marketing Department of State Grid, pointed to the map and said, “before 2020, the radius of public charging service in key areas will be less than 1km.”

Expand the scope of vision. The State Grid North Hebei Power not only provides convenient services for green travel in the competition area, but also plans high-speed railway supporting projects, and constructs power supply projects for three electric traction stations of Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway and Chongli railway, so as to provide strong power guarantee for the transportation services between Beijing Yanqing Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic venues.

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