(March 2021) Environmental sensor specialist Sensirion is proud to announce the launch of the new digital formaldehyde sensor SFA30. SFA30 adopts innovative electrochemical processing technology, dedicated electronic components and integrated Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor, coupled with advanced algorithms, can achieve highly reliable and efficient formaldehyde detection at extremely low concentrations. Therefore, the new sensor is ideal for use in indoor air purification, ventilation systems and indoor air quality monitors.

Formaldehyde is typically released slowly and continuously from furniture, building materials, paints and coatings. It is a harmful carcinogenic gas that can cause “sick building syndrome”. This “sick building syndrome” caused by insufficient indoor ventilation and chemical pollutants can cause a variety of symptoms in building occupants, such as: acute discomfort including headache, irritation of the eyes, nose or throat, dizziness and nausea, difficulty concentrating stress, fatigue, and allergies to odors. Formaldehyde is a background gas known to be hazardous at very low concentrations. The “Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality” issued by the World Health Organization pointed out that under an average exposure of 30 minutes, the formaldehyde content per cubic meter of air should not exceed 0.096 mg.

Sensirion’s new digital formaldehyde sensor SFA30

As a new member of the Sensirion environmental sensor family, the SFA30 formaldehyde sensor module is based on the electrochemical working principle. It has accurate formaldehyde sensing performance with very low cross-sensitivity to other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Leveraging Sensirion’s experience in environmental sensing and patented anti-dry electrochemical cell technology, the SFA30 offers superior long-term stability and a 6-year lifespan. Its integrated temperature and humidity sensor provides accurate readings, is fully temperature and humidity compensated, and has a factory calibrated formaldehyde concentration output of ppb (parts per billion). At the same time, with optional digital UART and I2C interface options, standard electrical connectors, and versatile mounting options, highly reliable sensors can be easily integrated into related product applications, providing customers with the perfect solution Program.

Mr. Niculin Saratz, Director of Product Management for Sensirion Gas Sensors, said: “Our new formaldehyde sensor module has better performance, long-term stability and reliability, which solves the existing technical difficulties and makes formaldehyde detection simpler and more reliable. .”

The new SFA30 sensor module is available now and can be purchased through Sensirion’s global distribution network. In addition, Sensirion provides SEK-SFA30 evaluation kit for quick and easy prototyping. The SEK-SFA30 comes with a UART-USB cable for plug-and-play connection to a computer for evaluation via Sensirion’s easy-to-use SEK-ControlCenter viewer software. To connect the sensor to a prototyping platform like Arduino or RaspberryPi, a 7-pin jumper cable is included in the kit.

About Sensirion – Environmental and Flow Sensor Solutions Specialist

Sensirion is a well-known manufacturer of digital miniature sensors, providing high-quality environmental sensors, gas and liquid flow sensors that measure temperature and humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5). and differential pressure sensor. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Stäfa near Zurich, Switzerland, the company is mainly responsible for R&D and production. In 2008, Sensirion officially entered China and established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Sensirion Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., responsible for the sales and service of Sensirion products throughout China. Sensirion’s sales network covers the United States, Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, providing high-quality and customized sensor system solutions for global customers. Its sensor components and solutions have been widely recognized worldwide. Application industries include medical, industrial and automotive, analytical instruments, consumer products, and air conditioning systems. With its innovative patented CMOSens® technology and outstanding market performance, Sensirion has become the preferred supplier of miniature sensors and sensor solutions.

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