The WAIC 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference continues wonderfully. On the morning of September 2, SenseTime Technology Yuanchuangli Forum allowed us to appreciate the cutting-edge views of global celebrities. SenseTime also interpreted the “creation method” of AI through four new products. On the same day, SenseTime also participated in a comprehensive and in-depth discussion in a number of thematic forums, from underlying technology to upper-level applications, from industrial upgrading to social life, from technological exploration to governance, and shared its own observations with all knowledge and inexhaustible words. with insights.

AI big device, metaverse, intelligent network connection, comprehensive service for digital life

In the morning China Telecom’s “Cloud Network Integrating Intelligence and Empowering the City” forum, Liu Qiang, vice president of SenseTime, participated in the launching ceremony of the China Telecom Artificial Intelligence Alliance. Through the alliance, SenseTime will work with all parties in the industry to explore the optimal path for 5G+AI to empower the digital transformation of cities, jointly interpret the AI ​​ecosystem, and create a bright future for digital cities. In addition, Liu Yuanhui, senior director of ecology of SenseTime’s large-scale device business unit, delivered a speech, sharing how artificial intelligence infrastructure promotes a new paradigm of innovation. He mentioned that the development of AI will bring about different paradigms of innovation. In addition to the familiar experience induction, reasoning and deduction, and simulation simulation, there will also be “machine conjectures” that drive innovation. This has been verified from the fact that AI helps humans predict protein structures and deduce the basic molecules of life. The next step in the development of AI requires an infrastructure with supporting capabilities to provide more large-scale, high-efficiency, and low-cost basic support for the three elements of computing power, algorithms, and data core required by AI, so as to serve AI applications in various industries. rapid development and implementation. This is why SenseTime started building the SenseCore AI device a few years ago. The metaverse is also an indispensable part of digital transformation.

At the same time, the launching ceremony of the preparatory work for the “Virtual Reality and Metaverse Industry Alliance” of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology was successfully held at the “Exploration and Industry Metaverse Forum”. Yang Fan, the co-founder of SenseTime and the president of the large device business group, attended the launching ceremony as a representative of the vice-chairman unit of the alliance.

SenseTime will work with all alliance members to build an industrial ecology, and continue to develop technical standards, application demonstrations and promotions in Metaverse-related fields.

In the “AI + Metaverse” theme forum hosted by CICC, Tang Zhenyi, Vice President of SenseTime Technology, shared SenseTime’s practice in the field of Metaverse.

He said that the Metaverse is not to move away from the real to the virtual, but to serve the real industry. The combination of digital people, digital objects, and digital space will release the productivity of the integration of virtual and real, and bring new imagination space for entertainment, cultural and creative industries, tourism, sports and other industries. In the process, AI is the foundation upon which the metaverse is built. Taking the SenseMARS Mars mixed reality platform of SenseTime as an example, it uses three-dimensional perception, AI content generation, decision-making intelligence and other technologies to create a product that integrates the virtual and reality of people, objects and fields, and realizes the connection between the physical world and the digital world with artificial intelligence. And bring people a better combined virtual and real life experience.

At the Intelligent Driving Forum, Chen Zhihua, Vice President of SenseTime Vehicle-Road Collaborative Business, pointed out in his speech that with the coordinated development of smart city infrastructure and intelligent connected vehicles, a people-oriented, car-city integration smart vehicle industry will be formed in the future. Boost the city’s comprehensive service capabilities, and promote the city’s economic development and industrial upgrading. SenseTime will continue to promote the dual-line business of single-vehicle intelligence and collaborative intelligence. Through “smart cars + smart roads + collaborative clouds”, it will accelerate the continuous evolution of autonomous driving technology and help establish a complete intelligent networked vehicle operation system. Create a commanding height for the development of intelligent networked vehicles.

Strengthen AI ecology and governance to promote sustainable development

In the afternoon of the same day, the Shangtang team further shared its practice in the fields of intelligent computing ecology and AI governance. In China Mobile’s “Computer Network Building Foundation·Intelligent Computing Pilot” forum, Chen Yuheng, co-founder of SenseTime and vice president of the large device business group, in the roundtable forum, focused on how to promote the construction of intelligent computing infrastructure and create a benchmarking application for intelligent computing. He had extensive discussions with industry guests on topics such as accelerating intelligent computing and empowering industrial upgrading. He said that only through the close collaboration between AI infrastructure and industrial applications, so that more people can use inclusive computing power, can an effective path be established for opening up the closed loop of innovation and empowering all walks of life.

SenseTime’s AI installation is exactly what it hopes to provide the industry with “inclusive, flexible, and open” AI infrastructure. The “AI Cloud” officially released in the Shangtang Yuanchuangli Forum on September 2 is a set of out-of-the-box industrial-grade AI toolchains based on the Shangtang AI device, which can realize artificial intelligence without initial investment. The comprehensive digital management of infrastructure greatly reduces the threshold for AI application development.

As artificial intelligence gradually penetrates into industrial applications, the importance of AI ethics and governance has become increasingly prominent. The relationship between AI development and governance, just like the “engine” and “steering wheel” of a car, complement each other and are indispensable.

In the ethics sub-forum, SenseTime released the “Balanced Development” Artificial Intelligence Governance White Paper – SenseTime Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Governance Annual Report (2022), which discussed and shared the progress of SenseTime in promoting AI governance. Insights, reflections, goals and practices in

Tian Feng, Dean of SenseTime Intelligent Industry Research Institute, pointed out in his speech that AI governance has entered a stage of practical implementation based on technical verification.

SenseTime has always attached great importance to AI governance, and put forward the AI ​​ethics concept of “balanced development” last year, and clarified the ethical principles of “people-oriented, technology controllable, and sustainable development”. As artificial intelligence governance has entered the stage of implementation and practice, SenseTime further proposed for the first time in the industry to develop “responsible and evaluable” artificial intelligence, and regard it as the vision goal of SenseTime to carry out artificial intelligence governance, creating a closed loop of ethical governance. .

At the same time, based on a large number of internal governance innovation practices carried out by SenseTime, and a set of evaluable AI governance implementation plans, it is proposed in the white paper, “Artificial intelligence governance should be a value-driven, technology-first, multi-party participation, layered The dynamic process of advancement” has established an effective path for the implementation of artificial intelligence governance. At this forum, Gong Chao, Director of Science and Technology Policy and Ethics Research of SenseTime Intelligent Industry Research Institute, was also invited to attend the roundtable discussion on “Embrace the Technology Ethics Governance System and Empower the Road to Sustainable Development”. Based on SenseTime’s practical achievements in AI governance, he discussed SenseTime’s AI governance proposition with industry guests in depth. He emphasized that SenseTime will continue to promote the development of responsible and evaluable artificial intelligence, and continuously contribute perfect and feasible solutions to AI governance practices.

Talk about the future of AI

In addition to the above forums, Luo Jing, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of SenseTime, Wu Wei, Vice President of Vehicle-Road Collaborative Production and Research of SenseTime Smart Vehicle Business Group, and Zhang Shaoting, Vice President of SenseTime and President of Smart Health Business Unit, visited one after another. In the live broadcast room of Yicai, he had a talk with industry guests on topics such as carbon neutrality, unmanned driving, and smart medical care.

Luo Jing pointed out that the low-carbon era has come. To reduce carbon, enterprises must firstly take the initiative to assume social responsibilities based on the self-awareness of internal drive, and at the same time use scientific and technological means to improve efficiency, and use technology to drive sustainable development and carbon reduction path changes. Relying on its own AI technology advantages, SenseTime focuses on the implementation of digital carbon reduction, integrates AI carbon reduction into all aspects of enterprise management and corporate governance, and empowers more industries with AI. The fusion of AI and dual carbon is not only an opportunity to follow the trend, but also an active choice to create the future.

Regarding the topic of “how far is unmanned driving from us”, Wu Wei mentioned that low-speed functional vehicles without people are closer to the realization of complete unmanned driving, and the commercialization path is also clearer. For example, SenseTime has launched RoboSweeper Self-driving sweeper, it can be unattended in the whole process, and can realize the cleaning operation safely and efficiently. At the same time, he is also looking forward to promoting the mutual recognition of license plates for autonomous vehicles across the country, and that in terms of laws and regulations, the determination of accident responsibility will be more standardized.

Zhang Shaoting shared SenseTime’s investment in the open source technology system and his determination to adhere to original technology. Combined with the overall solution of the future hospital he released on the SenseTime Yuanchuangli Forum that day, he described the intelligent construction of the future hospital for us. blueprint. He hopes that, in ten years, everyone will have access to good health care with the help of artificial intelligence.


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