When we talk about AI, we inevitably encounter the problem of data privacy. Now this problem has been extended to the field of face recognition. Recently, Victor Gevers, a Dutch security researcher, exposed a message on twitter that sensenet, a Chinese facial recognition company, has a data leakage problem, and anyone can access the records of its face tracking data.

It is understood that sensenet is a start-up company located in Shenzhen. Its Chinese name is Shenzhen Vision Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on computer vision and deep learning, and mainly provides intelligent analysis products and services for video surveillance. It is worth noting that this company is a joint venture established by Dongfang Wangli Technology Co., Ltd. and Shangtang group. However, Shangtang technology withdrew in 2018, and the official website of sensenet is currently inaccessible.

The data leakage incident involved 2.56 million people’s data, a total of 6.8 million records, including personal ID information, face recognition images and capture locations.

Victor Gevers said that anyone can view these records and track individuals according to sensenets’ real-time facial recognition, which is very easy to trigger various criminal acts. GDI foundation, a Dutch non-profit organization, once warned sensenets about this open database, but sensenets did not respond to this.

As we all know, at present, face recognition can be said to be one of the most widely used AI technologies, especially in intelligent security. Most cities in China will use face recognition and video surveillance to fight criminals, find missing persons and so on. On the other hand, intelligent monitoring has to face the problem of data leakage, which also reminds many start-ups in this field that network security is particularly important. At the same time, it also makes the industry think together: where is the data privacy boundary line of video monitoring? When we enjoy the convenience brought by AI, do we need to put personal privacy and data security first?

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