At the beginning, Sennheiser ie 40 Pro is a product positioned in the field of monitoring. Don’t underestimate the keyword “monitoring”. It is precisely because many people don’t understand what monitoring means that most people’s views on ie40 Pro are actually completely inconsistent with their subdivision positioning. Professional people do professional things.

——Professional design and workmanship need to be strengthened

Sennheiser ie40pro has obvious advantages and disadvantages

As for the differences between monitoring earphones and ordinary earphones and hifi earphones, an analogy can be made by the display. Monitor headset = professional display; Ordinary headphones are more like game video displays. The former focuses on “information restoration”, which is more effective to meet the corresponding professional needs, or some people have higher requirements for color restoration and panel quality, so the professional display is more suitable for them; Ordinary headphones pay more attention to how to make users “cool” enough, such as novel and chic appearance, high and shocking sound, or superior hierarchical positioning in sound to bring a stronger sense of introduction, and so on.

Similarly, because of its different positioning, the design concept of monitoring headphones is very different from that of traditional hifi headphones or music headphones. Back to ie40 pro, the same is true. The appearance of the earphone still adheres to the consistent style of the monitoring earphone. At the same time, some designs are also optimized, such as ear winding wearing mode, detachable wire design, DIY in the later stage, very lightweight weight control, flattening the earphone shell as much as possible in order to better stick the box, wireless control earphone cable without microphone to avoid interference, etc.

As for the appearance, it can be summed up in one sentence: headphones that are plain enough and simple enough and sell for thousands of yuan always have a visual feeling of 50 yuan for each roadside stall. However, it is not difficult to find that even the 10000 yuan flagship ie800s will not be too fancy in appearance; Secondly, in order to reduce weight, engineering plastics are used as shell materials in a large area, so it is not a simple thing to have a “sense of quality”. Therefore, the appearance is understandable. It can be regarded as the ancestral style. Coupled with the need to reduce weight, it looks worth $50.

Besides, headset make complaints about Tucao. The earphone cavity does not adopt the common process technology such as integrated molding, which can better reflect the quality. The upper and lower shells are completed directly through splicing. Xiaobian roughly read the comments of e-commerce buyers. Most of the medium and poor comments are attributed to the large gap between the upper and lower shells and the easy loosening of the connector. As a earphone produced by Senhai, it should not be.

——Wearing feeling: light and close to the ear

If you feel like wearing it, although some people will feel strange about the main shape of ie40 Pro headphones, in the eyes of enthusiasts, similar ones have been “strange”. For ergonomic considerations, the earphone shell body is embedded into the human ear auricle to play the role of secondary reinforcement. As long as it can be worn normally, the wearing stability is basically proper. In addition, ie40 Pro is very light and can add a little points to the wearing experience.

But, but, but, say the important thing three times. Even if the ie40 Pro shell is flat and small enough, it will still be one size larger than the general in ear earplugs, and the wearing method around the ear is obviously different from the routine, so it is recommended that friends with small auricles should remember to try the prototype first.

——Brief comment on sound quality: loyal to the original sound

At the end, let’s talk about the sound quality of ie40 pro. This is also the most important part. First of all, with the development of multi unit and ring iron structure becoming increasingly hot, even if it is not a new product this year, the price of ie40 pro with only one 10mm composite moving coil unit remains stable at 1000 yuan. First, Sennheiser itself is not positioned to pursue cost performance, and its own logo is really worth some faith; Second, the sound quality of headphones is not necessarily related to the number of units. The structure of single moving coil also allows ie40 pro to avoid cross interference and phase difference between multiple units. “Better lack than abuse” is an introductory advice often given by many old enthusiasts to novices.

From the actual voice, ie40 Pro can really be worth the ticket price, which can only be heard by people who know the line and goods. The overall sound of ie40 Pro is biased towards the original sound, with almost no trace of secondary rendering. It can also be understood as the sound to restore the “original flavor”. Its advantage is that it has good analytical power, rich sound details and low sense of burr.

But there are also so-called “short boards”: ie40 Pro sound will make it difficult for many friends who used to listen to “heavy taste” headphones to accept it at once. Even if the position of intermediate frequency human voice has been close to the front, due to the slightly lower thickness of human voice and the weak sense of human voice lines, the human voice finally seems to owe “emotion”. However, since the location of monitoring headphones is the tuning trend of “loyal to restoration and real enough”, the intermediate frequency human voice will not be strengthened like ordinary headphones.

In addition, the biggest difference between monitoring earphones and traditional earphones is that low-frequency earphones always do not “move and play”, and it is not recommended to choose such earphones when low-frequency party is normal. Ie40 Pro is no exception. It has little sense of low-frequency volume and low-frequency diving is not deep. The highlight is that the low-frequency rebound speed is fast, and the low-frequency is more dynamic, which is conducive to the positioning of the drum, but it can not make the drum sound have a great sense of energy. Xiaobai or people with heavy taste will feel that the low-frequency is not strong enough, and on the contrary, the old burning is easy to understand. This is to better reflect the details Monitoring headphones are often deliberately adjusted.

In short, ie40 Pro has a very good sound quality, with good analysis, large sound field, accurate positioning, preference for monitoring and tuning with less sound pollution. The fundamental reason for these advantages is to give professionals a more accurate reference when editing audio. In addition, it is also suitable for listening to some light tone music and pop music.


It is a monitoring earphone with obvious advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, it is also a rare cost-effective product of senhassel. It is recommended to children who have professional monitoring needs, or have light listening taste and like the original sound.

——Product features


1. Sound analysis and details are good, and Senhai’s rare cost-effective earplugs

2. There is not much sound rendering, which is more suitable for consumers with professional audio needs

3. Support line change and higher playability in the later stage

4. The whole headset is only about 18G, which is light to wear


1. The low-frequency party will feel that the headset is not “strong enough”

2. The appearance design of the earphone is average, and the workmanship needs to be strengthened

main parameter

Frequency response range: 20 – 18000hz

Impedance: 20 Ω

Sound pressure: 115 dB (1kHz / 1 VRMs)

Total harmonic distortion (THD): 0.1% (1kHz, 94db)

Linetype: removable and symmetrical

Audio interface: 3.5mm

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