5th generation communication technology 5gThe higher the frequency is, the lower the penetration and diffraction capabilities will be. The intelligent direct propagation of the signal will lead to no signal in many remote places. The micro base station makes up for this defect. Therefore, 5g will adopt the networking coverage mode of “macro base station + micro base station”, and nearly 80% of the whole 5g network base stations will be carried by micro base stations. Micro base station is a kind of low-power base station equipment which is much smaller than the traditional macro station in terms of product form, transmission power and coverage. Features: miniaturization; Low transmit power; Good controllability; Intellectualization; Flexible networking. The application scenarios of micro base station power supply are as follows:

DC remote power supply: it is applied to the integration and optimization of BBU and RRU base stations, and the operator’s room subsystem, outdoor base station, lamp pole station, micro base station, repeater, integrated access ONU and other equipment; Photoelectric integrated box power supply: it is to provide a fulcrum for the signal coverage of future urban trunk roads and integrate with existing urban facilities. It can be applied to residential areas, streets and alleys, dense commercial areas and underground parking lots. The photoelectric integrated box integrates the traditional AC distribution box and optical fiber distribution box, effectively solves the construction needs of supporting equipment of micro base station and meets the needs of municipal beautification. MicroStation power supply products are applied to small program-controlled switches, access networks, transmission equipment, mobile communications, satellite communication ground stations, microwave communication power supply, outdoor base stations, lamp pole stations, micro base stations, repeaters, integrated access onus and other equipment.

Solar module power supply: it is mainly installed in mountains, roads, railways and other places to expand the coverage of base stations and solve the rural signal blind area; Signal coverage on expressways, national highways and railways; Where a base station needs to be built but there is no condition to build it; Solve business boundary problems. However, the power supply in these places is difficult or may solve the power supply problem, but the cost is huge, and after the power is solved, there are factors such as safety and maintenance. It has the characteristics of reliability, long service life, continuous rainy days, all-weather and long uninterrupted field work time. Compared with pulling power line, it has the advantages of economic safety, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

Smart street lamp power supply: supply power to street lamps through municipal administration to solve the power supply problem of street lamp micro base station. “Smart light pole networking system” is a new intelligent device based on lighting pole, which integrates audio and video monitoring equipment, wireless base station, WiFi hotspot, multimedia screen, charging pile, weather, environment and other sensors. Combined with the communication means of “nb-iot system”, the collected traffic information, environmental information River information and security information are calculated and analyzed to form a big data platform layer to realize smart city management at the application level of operation control of urban lighting, security, transportation, energy, municipal and other public facilities.

In the internal power supply system of the micro base station, the selection of AC contactor, circuit breaker fuse and air switch, the design of protection circuit, the design of AC power detection circuit, and the selection of lightning protection and surge resistance measures shall meet the specifications.

The following figure shows the power supply of a mobile micro station built by an R & D 5g base station:

As can be seen from the above figure, this power supply product is mainly composed of four units, of which the communication module and switching power supply determine the operation reliability of 5g micro base station. Switching power supply: due to the diversity and complexity of base station power supply, the micro base station power supply needs to comprehensively consider different input compatibility problems. The power of its switching power supply ranges from 1000W to 3000W. It is very important to deal with the stability of high-power devices and related modules. For such a large high-power switching power supply, the surge current suppression at the moment of startup has become the key. For this purpose, senguoke has developed a silicon carbide diode ks06065 with high BV, low VF and high surge current. The nominal bv value of 650V can reach 900v, the impulse current is as high as 65A, and the typical leakage current is as low as 1NA.

Senguoke SiC diode series products are mainly divided into 650V and 1200V series. They are produced with 6-inch wafer and vehicle specification level production process. They have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high frequency, high efficiency and high voltage. They are widely used in the majority of high-power power products. It is mainly used in mining machine power supply, communication equipment power supply, 5g micro base station power supply, server power supply, industrial power supply, fast charging power supply, rail transit power supply, charging pile power module, new energy vehicle charger, photovoltaic inverter, etc.

Founded in Shenzhen in 2013, SGK is a wafer free semiconductor design enterprise. Its products cover silicon carbide (SIC) power devices, brushless motor drive (BLDC) chips, vision ADAS and AI recorder chips.

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